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Exposed: How EfCC secretly Drops Some corruption Cases


ABUJA- When people out of conviction of politics says the Economic and
Financial Crimes Commission is not fighting Corruption but just
hounding opposition members and perceived enemies of the APC led
government they seem to have a point, if the series of foot dragging
and unwillingness of the Magu led Anti-Crime outfit to go full swing
on almost all cases against APC members are anything to go by.

In a special Investigation by Daily Watch team in Abuja several high
profile cases involving stalwarts of APC are left rotting away in the
table of Magu who is said to have refused totally and bluntly too to
give out or initial on the files for investigations and several others
investigated and submitted are just kept in the achieves to rot
instead of prosecution and yet others just left to die out even when
petitions are received.

Daily Watch team of investigators for example confirmed the
receipt of several Petitions with bogus evidences from the Government
of Rivers state and three other bodies on same subject of ex-Gov
Amaechi Minister of Transport looting of several billions to the
Economic and financial Crimes Commission but running to over two years
now nothing has been done on it as the Petitions had remained where
Magu kept it, the achieves.


Also the same thing is applicable to the over six Petitions  with
one directly from the Ekiti state Government against the Present
Minister  for Solid Minerals which too has been dropped in the

Take the cases against Chief George Akume whoses several cases had
been investigated and left for prosecution before the APC came on
board and Akume becoming ba member of the fold, today nothing is head
of the Akume gate in Benue but all we hear is the case of Suswam.

Again the case of Governor Temipreye Sylvia was systematically killed by
EFCC and over forty eight Houses and several Billions of Naira been
proceeds of crime was recently released to the Ex-Governor  of Bayelsa
state and chieftain of the APC for no reason whatsoever.

The looting by the suspended Secretary to the Federal Government in a
grass clearing Bazeer is still fresh in our minds with panels upon
panels set up and the case not yet set for investigations and would
not until the end of the admiration.

Also of note ids the clear evidences of the request of Fund by the
minister for information from parastatals under him which was a clear
case of corrupt practices but till date nothing has been heard of the
story as all the evidences remained stocked the  hands of Magu.

Take the cases of corrupt practices against Fashola by the Lagos
state Government led by Ambode which also until date has remained in
the cooler of Magu.

In all cases of corrupt practices once the man or persons involved
moved from PDP to APC all traces of clear cut corruption ceases to go

Presently from investigations there are over forty corruption
related cases against diverse APC members and decamped PDP members to
the APC that has remain dead and buried in the table of Magu
prompting many to ask   the question if the EFCC is truly fighting
corruption or fighting opposition and perceive opponents of the APC
led government  or is it that the EFCC like many are saying is merely
been teleguided on cases to pursue.

Attempts by Daily watch to speak to Magu on all these different
petitions and cases that has been killed by the commission or left to
rot was rebuffed by the spokesperson of the Efcc as several text
messages to him and calls on the issue was not replied or answered.


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