Home CRIME Exposed:  Boudullion billions security vote cash from Aso Villa to Tinubu for Elections

Exposed:  Boudullion billions security vote cash from Aso Villa to Tinubu for Elections

Bola Tunibu

*Real reason EFCC refuses making arrest/investigations

By Isa Yusuf, Alfred Kayode & Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

The much talked about Bullion Van that was pictured with loads of cash in Naira and dollars hitting the boudillion home of the strong Man of South west Politics Jagaban Bola Tinubu almost on election day during the 2019 elections  was actually from the Central Bank directly.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Money was part of Security vote for President Mohammadu Buhari which was mobilized for the elections in the South West and distributed through the Jagaban himself Bola Tinubu.

Daily Watch sniffing in the seat of Power in Abuja confirmed that similar cash movements were made to almost all the six zones of the Country for the Elections but only that of South West was actually discovered and filmed by eagle eyed Nigerians maybe because of the fact that what went to Lagos was over what was sent to the other five regions put together.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that what was moved by the Bullion Van to the home of the APC leader that day was put at over 25 Billion Naira in cash from which certain percentages where moved to Kwara and other sensitive states the APC wanted by all means through Military and chattered helicopters some of which were also discovered to have led to the near crash of a chopper in the period of the elections.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that over two hundred Billion was moved from the Central Bank of Nigeria for the 2019 election and earmarked as security votes according to memo for the release of the cash to a five man presidential team for election funding which included the Chief of Staff o the President, Babagana kingibe and four others.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the EFCC was informed early of the cash movement by a whistle blower and where actually mobilizing for the storming of the Bullion Vans even before it got to the Boudillion home of the APC leader but for a quick caution from the Chief of staff to the President which stall the EFCC rush to halt and arrest the Cash movement.

Daily Watch findings even inside the EFCC confirmed the story that it got a wind of the huge cash movement even before the cash got to the home of the APC leader but because of the warnings and cautioning from above the EFCC could not do otherwise since the commission now seem to be under the control of some top Presidential aide unlike in the past when it was a little bit independent.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to the Spokes person to the EFCC Mr. Tony Orilade through text messages after calls failed to go through on why the bullion Vans pictured and videoed moving billions of cash to the home of the APC leader Bola Tinubu has not been investigated or even commented on by the anti graft body even till today but got a no reply from the ever vocal spokes person.





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