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Exposed: How APC Secretly Trade the Shiites for Campaign Funds


ABUJA-Two years after the APC led government came to power   many
hitherto  secrets are beginning to come out of where there were kept
,in the achieves for Nigerians not to know, see or hear of except  for
the stories true or false been  fed every day  to   Nigerians by the
loquacious Minister for Information  Alhaji  Lai Mohammed.

According to a report and brief stumbled upon by the Daily Watch in
Abuja recently the continual and continuous detention of the leader of
one of the most popular and fastest growing sect in Nigeria El Za
Zakky  and the refusal of all plea for his release despite his health
deteriorating at a geometrical progression is said to have been
orchestrated from far away Saudi Arabia as against the belief been
sold to Nigerians that he was a security risk by the Army and the
Nigerian government for his sect attack  several months back and his
continual detention despite several Courts orders and  presidential
Panel reports unambiguously calling for his release.

In the said brief which was  a secret agreement reached by three
representatives of the APC leaders from the North led by an ex-
Governor and now a popular senator who is been tipped by the Military
Cabal to be president,if  Buhari does not go for a second term  in
consultation with the APC Presidential candidate then prior to the
2015 elections over funding that has resulted in the whole brouhaha
that the Shiites are facing in Nigeria.

According to the brief, the Saudi Government  was said to have
contributed several millions of dollars in campaign money to the APC
party  which was in dire need of cash to battle the financially
powerful PDP then and this fund was tied to a secret clause which is
the  curtailing or reduction of the spread of the Shiites doctrine of
Islam in Nigeria if and when the Party makes it to power.

Today the APC running to two years in the affairs of the
administration of the Country the so called sects leader has been kept
in detention despite all court rulings calling for his release with
the government simply going silent  as if the rulings of courts in
Nigeria does not matter to  it.

For those who know not, El Za Zaky is the leader of one of the
largest Islamic sect  known as the Shiite in Nigeria and he is said to
be one of the fastest growing Islamic group in Nigeria that As a today
it is said to have over 6 million followers in Nigeria alone.

The Shiites who believe and aligns their brand of worship to the
Islamic Revolutionary camp in Iran is said to be in a bi polar
opposition to certain ways of the Sunnis who are the most popular
Muslim Group in Nigeria and holds their Allegiances to the Republic of
Saudi Arabia.

Today the leader of the Shiite in Nigeria is presently in Detention
in Nigeria despite rulings by several courts, presidential panel etc
calling for his realize but to which the Federal Government led by
President Mohamadu Buhari has refused to accede to the diverse rulings
of the  Courts and the Attorney General of the Federation looking the
other way in spite of the Fact that the Shiites leader is almost going
blind in detention due to refusal of the government to allow him go
for medical treatment.

Shiite leader

The real reasons for the continual and continuous detention of the
profligate scholar  is said to be centered around an agreement reached
with  very key APC members before the elections -e spread of the
Iranian type of Islamic  Growth in the Country  if the APC government
wins for  Saudi’s to   Provide  millions of dollars in way of campaign
funds to the APC  election team during the 2015 election campaigns and
the detention and refusal of the Nigerian Government to release the
Shiites leader is said to have cantered on the interest of the
Government of the Republic of Saudi Arabia to curb the spread of the
Shiites as against the Sunni’s of whom the President and other top
members of the Buhari Government belong to.

What this means is that the continuous detention of the Shiite
leader is simply tied to the election Promises of some few APC leader
prior to the Elections when funds were needed.





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