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Exposed: Aisha Buhari’s ‘Thieving’ ADC Baba-Inna  now  a free man  and back in the Police

Aisha Buhari’s ‘Thieving’ ADC Baba-Inna 

 *As Presidency stops  2.5 Billion Naira loot case to hide secret yet jubilates over Kalu’s case

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Just as the Presidency through two aides to the President, Onochie and Professor Itsa Sagay jubilated over the sentence handed than to Orji Kalu over a case started by the government of Goodluck Jonathan and asking Nigerians to apologize to President Buhari over statements that APC chieftains are not jailed for corruption in his fight against corruption, Several Nigerians seem to be asking the duo what has happened to the case of Aisha Buhari’s police aide who was involved in a 2.5 billion Naira loot and calling for the trial and conviction to prove otherwise rather than jubilating over Kalu’s case that began before Buhari’s administration.

Daily watch finding confirmed that the several Media boys attached to President Mohammadu Buhari has refused speaking over the case involving  the arrest several months back of the ADC to Aisha Buhari, wife of the President over his involvement in collection of over 2;5 Billion Naira from some unnamed Nigerians  on behalf of the First Lady of Nigeria Aisha Buhari  and are now  mute over the case and  were about of the specialized ‘thief’  but fast to hail the jailing of Kalu whose  case was not even started under this administration and using it to highlight the President fight against corruption.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that the former ADC who was arrested and drilled by the DSS before been handed over to the Nigerian police have secretly been left off the hook  to enjoy his billions in cash and properties and the case totally dropped following the way the case was going and the fear of several shocking exposure against  the family of the President that would be out if the ADC is forced to speak or stand trial.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that after serious drilling and interrogation in the DSS confinement centre ,,it was discovered that the Police Officer and ADC to Aisha Buhari was only acting on orders of a top Nigeria  in the Villa and his expose on trial would create uproar and disgrace for many in the seat of power hence the hurried but secret killing of the case which was announced initially with extreme media coverage and to which Sagay and Onochie has remained silent over.

Aisha Buhari’s ‘Thieving’ ADC Baba-Inna

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the Ex ADC to the first lady is now back fully to the Nigerian Police Force, promoted  and living his life as if the whole theft case against him didn’t happen and now living his life fully inside the force with his billions intact as the whole theft case has been secretly dropped and  a powerful apology and plea from the top echelon of power tendered to him the ADC over the embarrassment the accusation caused him,

The Ex- Adc who is said to be a conduit for the collections of several Millions for  the first Lady, was initially accused by the office of the First Lady for Collecting 2.5 billion Naira  using the name of the first lady while nt actually sent to but detailed investigations from associates and family of the ADC confirmed that the hardworking Ex –ADC was only acting on orders in the collection of several millions from several top Nigerians that wanted special favour from the Government using the top Lady in the Villa on the payment of certain percentages before such favors can be done.

Daily watch investigations also confirmed that while the ADC was truly involved in the 2,5 Billion Naira racket as the money was truly collected ,his offence was not remitting same to the top as he normally does in many other collections hence the attack he got from the  first Lady and the whole drama that the issue became and which had finally died just the way it stated as any attempt to deal frontally with the ADC Baba –Inna would have created much more crisis for he government than solution as stories abound of how houses were also bought by the same ADC for daughters of the President at one time or the other from different other deals he cut for himself during his services to the first Lady and all theses where some of the issues that were meant to ne kept hidden that necessitated the eventual release of Baba –Inna and his secret ad quite return to the Nigerian Police from where he was picked to become the ADCV to the first lady.

Daily watch sources Confirmed from some close Family source of Baba Inna that he is indeed a wealthy man in all ramifications as he made well for himself in the several deals that was struck then as several percentages went to him for been the link man for which he built several Houses for himself and other family members and even for one of the daughters of the President before the 2.5billion Naira bubble burst.

Daily watch strenuous tried to confirm from the Nigerian police force via the PPRO of the Nigerian police the whereabouts of Baba –Inna, the ex ADC to the Wife of President Mohammadu Buhari after he was handed over to the Police and if the Police, EFCC or ICPC is still on the case or if he case is totally dead as already been speculated for obvious reasons but was unfortunate as the Police PPRO Frank Mba phone rang repeatedly without picking.





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