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Exclusive: Is Mamman Duara Nigeria Defacto President?






ABUJA-Nigeria is bleeding but this seem unknown to many but a very limited few and this limited few are today holding the country to ransom as the country legitimate
president seem more  and more powerless to act his talk.

Today the power and instrumentality of governance are under a group
of men headed by the cousin of the President of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, as it is, the total power of administration resides with
one man and him alone and that man calls the shot and he is the final
clearing house of all appointments and contracts in Nigeria and he is
no other than Mamman Duara, the senior cousin of President Mohammadu

Daily Watch investigations in and around  the seat of power in Abuja
confirms  shocking but  undisputed facts  that the President and
commander in chief of the Armed forces is today a mere ceremonial head
as the true power rest with a small cabal whose head remains Mamman

According to Daily Watch investigations not even the first Lady has
a say in  any affairs in Nigeria not even the domestic affairs in the
Aso Rock Villa as every and all must get the nod of the new master on
the block Mamman Duara.

Mamman Duara does not work alone, he has a group of yes man all
around him that makes the running of Government smooth, they are the
Chief of staff to the President, the personal assistant to the
President on Domestic Affairs and the Director of the State Security
Service{ DSS} who take direct orders from Mamman and none else, the
chief of Army staff Buratai who also does the bidding of the President
Cousin since he is the one that helped saved his scalp when he was to
be off loaded during the Dubai House scandal.

The way the new Presidency runs not even the Vice President before
and even now knows or have a say in any appointments, decisions or
issues as all actions and in actions of the Vice President comes in
form of a directive from the President but in truth its directly from
the Cabal routed through the chief of staff to the President who is
accountable to President cousin Mamman Duara.

As it were all major security decisions and DSS raids and invitations
during the absence of the President were carried out by the
Presidential cabal without the knowledge or inputs of the Vice
President as there were totally special directives from the head of
the cabal.

The recent ethnic cum religious appointments into the NNPC, ethnic
Promotions and training that created Crisis in the Military and the
recent Staged managed return of the President and  storming of the
South East by the Nigerian Military and resultant  siege on the home
of Nnamdi Kanu and plot to attack   South South  villages and creeks
in search of the elusive  Militants in the coming days ahead is also
said to be a decision of the cabal  in conjunction with  a small
group of think tank said to be working as the resource group to the
cabal and headed  by a Professor in the popular University of
Maiduguri but with office in the Villa.


As at the last count. all strategic moves, decision in the seat of power  in the past one year
flow directly  from the cabal with the help of their resource group
as the  sick President and Vice President are mere tools in the hands
of this Cabal headed by the President Cousins Mamman Duara who today
seats like the elected President with his clique and popular known as
the cabal in Abuja.


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