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Exclusive: Maihaja NEMA DG in 1.6 billion naira fraud



*shockingly given clean bill by EFCC on advise of Powers from Above while directors who accused him got suspended.

    * Split Contracts, used 216 companies to walk away with 1.6 billion budgeted for a different purpose.


Mustapher Maihaja

ABUJA-Just When Nigerians thought the last had been heard about stealing, looting and EFCC lukewarm attitude towards looters and thieves on the others of the powers in the Villa another monumental expose has come to light and as usual the EFCC came up as a compromising game player in a deal said to have led to the Nation losing 1.6 Billion in a contract scam.

This time it has to do with another Director General by name  Mustapher Maihaja in the National Emergency Management Authority  (NEMA) were a whopping sum of 1.6 billion naira worth of contracts as in the Ex Babachir case was awarded to the DG himself under a contract splitting formant to over 261 companies having link to him and through very doubtful process without the requisite process and for contracts not budgeted for.

Daily Watch observations and investigations during the House of Representative committee on Emergency and Disaster Preparedness was shocked to discover that monies meant for Emergency issues were not just diverted but used for a different purposes which would benefit the DG of NEMA using over 216 companies with traces to him.

In the investigative hearings it was discovered that every known procedures in the award of contracts was breached by the Dg to help channeled the well over 1,6 billions to himself as the FIRS,PENCOM and ITF which  are statutory Institutions meant to be and partake in the contract awarding process claimed that the NEMA DG violated all laws and other breaches.

The Committee also shocking discovered that the Contract scam which was also reported and in the domain of the EFCC shockingly had the EFCC recommending the  six Directors who questioned the contracts award by the DG for suspension from the Federal Service while the thieving DG remained in his position maybe to continue the looting by the same Anti-graft body which had always claimed to be fighting corruption.

Daily Watch findings in the EFCC confirmed that the suspension of the six Directors that exposed the 1.6 billion contracts scam to the EFCC was necessitated by an order from the office of the Chief of Staff to the President who is presently the unofficial clearing House of all corruption related issues in the EFCC and Nigeria at large.

According to investigations the companies award the phony contracts were said to have all having ling to the DG Mustapher Maihaja and all had no history of tax payment a pre- requisite for contract award also ll did not meet the requisite confirmation of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) PENCOM Requirements and that of the Federal Inland services which means there was deliberate intent to circumvent all the laid down process to easily loot as seen in the NEMA contracts were funds for emergency was used as contracts for a far different purpose by the DG and toe who raised concerns were secretly suspended in a conspiracy between the same thieving DG and the EFCC on the recommendation of top presidency officers.

Attempts by Daily Watch to speak to the Dg or his media adviser Sani Datti was not feasible as at the time of filling this report but those in the know in the EFCC confirmed a deliberate ploy to kill the lootings abracadabra that the NEMA has become by those in the Presidency.


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