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Ex-PDP chairman, 2,000 APC followers defect to PDP in Kaduna



*School feeding program a disaster-Yaro Makama


Kaduna- Massive defection from the APC to the PDP was witnessed in Kaduna days
ago as the former PDP Chairman for Kaduna state Alhaji Yaro Makama
ditched the APC with over 2,000 members for the PDP.

The Carnival like declaration which saw the thousands of returning PDP
members dancing with fanfare and extreme jubilation was a new era in
the politics of Kaduna state as Alhaji Yaro Makama is said to be one
of the most ardent mobilizers of men politically in Kaduna state.

Alhaji Yaro Makama who was received by many notable PDP top wig and
several members of the PDP board of Trustee which included the PDP care
taker Committee Chairman and ex-governor of Kaduna State Alhaji
Markafi Jubrin Wahid among many others saw the alhaji Makama
describing their movement as an off shot from the movement of Atiku
Abubakar who he described as a great mentor of his.

Alhaji Makama also described the APC school feeding program as total
façade going and a disaster as the program is simply staged to loot
the funds budgeted fpr it as no kind of feeding is on in kaduna state.

In his Words “We are dumping the APC which has become an embarrassment
to us in Kaduna state mostly and Nigeria in General and keying into
the views of our leader Alhaji Abubakar Atiku who left the APC days
ago. The  APC as it is in Kaduna is an embodiment of deceit, lies and
steady propaganda as what goes on there is looting by a single man to
satisfy his love for wealth unrivalled to the detriment of the state
workforce and citizens’’.

The Ex-PDP chairman also predicted the movement of a Senator and
several members of the APOC to the PDP in the coming days as the Party
APC who soon be a thing of the past in the state.

Daily Watch
attempts to get the Views of the state Chairman of the APC
on the massive defection from the Party just days after Atiku left the
Party were not possible as all calls and messages to his lines were
not answered.


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