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Ex-Military Cabals may Pick Kwankwanso to Replace Buhari


ABUJA- When Nigerians are thinking of great relief over the problems,
the trio of Babangida,Obasanjo and Abdusaalimi caused Nigerians with
the forceful making of the sick man  President of a complex country
like Nigeria with the intent to take total control of Nigeria.


Nigerians will see another dangerous power play in the days ahead as the retired generals imposed late Yar,Adua on the people just as former President  Goodluck Jonathan  was cajoled  out from Aso Rock  by them for their own interest. This was because he (Jonathan) failed to play their bids. Before they went on their evil deeds against Jonathan, he shocked them all with his independent mind the trio has again drafted a new ploy to bring in a man they can rule through the unseen hands in the backstage.


In a secret meeting held last week in Minna, the three retired Generals have narrowed down their choice of President comes 2019 to Kwankwanso, the ex-governor of Kano state.
The plot which is said to have received the blessing of all
military apologist s in the political space is said to be coming in the
heels of Serious Medical Reports the trio are said to be privy to
about the serious state of the President Mahammadu Buhari’s health that the Doctors said would make it almost impossible for the President to complete his
tenure not to talk of standing in for the ticket in 2019.
The plot which is said to among others stalled the previous  rumored movement of kwankwanso to the People Democratic Party
(PDP) in the dying minute  as a result of the caution by the trio of
wanting the next President to come from the APC after all attempts to
make their first preferred choice, the Ex-Governor of Jigawa state
Alhaji Sule Lamido who to them seem the most pliable and more easy to
manipulate to decamp to the APC met a brick wall as that was one of
the conditions the trio gave to them to back  Sule Lamido  as they
were said to have a dislike for the PDP bouncing back to power again so

The trio who are said to be blocking all avenues to the
coming of Atiku as Presidential candidate of any of the two major
political parties in the country are said to have deployed several
millions through third party to make the PDP take a decision against
any decampee picking their presidential ticket, a direct attack on
Abubarkar Atku while at the same time also using all skills, money and
political sagacity to prop up other candidate in the APC as a way to
also kill the Aitku”s dream and by so fence Atiku totally from the
Presidential race.
The plot  to zero on  Rabiu kwankwanso  has already for now pitched the Cabal and the Buhari Political family whoare said to be for the candidature of El-Rufai  in a discreet battle of wits and this is presently creating a serious rife  and political tension in the seat of Power as the President himself is said to be in favour of the  Present Governor of Bornu state to succeed him  for his
support and loyalty in the making of Boko Haram to be a determining
factor in the 2015 elections vis a vis the kidnapping of the Chibock
girls and the handling by the governor and has well surreptiously
cautioned his political family and supporters to back out of any other
deal that would prop up any other candidate for now.

How the fight among the President, His cabal and the retired
Military trio of  Olusegun Obasanjo,Abubakar  Abdusalami and Ibrahim
Babaginda  (known as the Nigeria Kingmakers)  would clear the whole
politic quagmire would be known in the days ahead as every group,
cabals and caucuses in the APC is taking secret sides positioning for
the D-day when the real politics would commence.


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