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 ‘Evil men’ who are beneficiaries of June 12 now trying to re-write history-General Maxwell Udoh

Muhammadu Buhari

Nigeria is one country where mad men see others as mad and history can be twisted and re-twisted to suit the idiosyncrasies of who ever desires such or how else can one explain the whole charade we now seeing all over the country from the Presidency down about the greatness and uniqueness of June 12 and Moshood Abiola death when those who today are parading their shameless selves where the actual beneficiaries of the death of Abiola and also part took in the annulment and eventual murder of the winner of the June 12 winner. How does one explain the castigation of others by men like Babagana Kingebi, Mohammadu Buhari etc who are trying to rewrite history all over after dumping June 12 to become Minister and the other hailing Abacha that killed Abiola. Is it not the height of glorious stupidity and acute madness for them to now want us to celebrate with them and even fool us by naming some small stadium after Abiola?

It is as usual with his vintage food for thought that the ever vocal  Niger Delta Militant and leader of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF) General Maxwell Udoh reacted to the Naming of The Abuja Stadium after Moshood Abiola and the statement by Babagana Kingebi that Obasanjo Olusegun should be blamed for June 12 annulment.

Udoh who likened Kingebi to a man who sold his own house to become slave in another man’s house for daring to cast aspersion on any person as regards june 12 because we are in a country where history can be distorted warned the likes of Kingebe to hide their face in shame rather than looking for ways to reinvent themselves for 2023 because a shameless Buhari makes him a member of his Political Caucus.

In the words of Udoh, ”It is only in a  country like Nigeria that every evil fool after some years wants to be called a patriot or what is Babagana Kingebe, the same man that was the Vice Presidential Candidate to Abiola  who conspiratorially and shockingly dumped Abiola and the june 12 struggle to become Minister  Under the same Abacha (His Brother that annulled the elections and killed Abiola)trying to do bu pointing his filthy fingers at others?What does the POresident who before now served under the same Killer of Abiola as PTF boss and even in the recent past praised Abacha to high heavens trying to  prove by hurriedly naming a mere stadium after Abiola if not classical charade and a massive delusion of rewriting history when the history of June 12 has already been written and known to those who are willing to read”

General Maxwell described all those celebrating the naming of Stadium and al that by President Buhari as sycophants who are sheepishly eulogizing Buhari for doing nothing because of their shameful desire for  pittance from the seat of Power asking if these same group of rabble crowds were not in Nigerians were Good Luck named a reputable UNILAG after Abiola only to be opposed secretly by several Yoruba’s and students of Unilag who today have now tuned to be praising the same conspirators for naming a stadium built by Obasanjo after Abiola.

In the words of Maxwell “Is it not funny and at the same time really shameful that the same persons who were in the forefront in opposing Good luck Jonathan naming of Unilag as Abiola University, those who sponsored protest and criticized it are the same fools eulogizing the naming of a mere stadium by the conspirators  because of their pecuniary needs? What manner of men do we have in Nigeria? men who are willing and ready to sell their own, even their mother for pecuniary gains, it is a shame to anyone who openly come out to praise President Buhari for the naming of a Stadium after Abiola as that Man or Woman needs their heads and even life examine for traces of insanity or where were they when a citadel of learning, a monument like Unilag was named after an Hero like Abiola and they were all mute when protest and the Opposition killed the naming only to now shout and praise to high heavens the naming of a mere stadium by one of the evil Conspirators against June 12.What a shame”

The Militant leader lambasted every South West leader that praised the charade just done by Mohammadu Buhari and described such men as not just shameless but total cowards who in real societies are supposed to be thrown into political oblivion and seen for what they are, sycophantic idiots and slaves.

According to Udoh “any South Westerner who is today praising and throwing words of eulogy on President Buhari over the National Stadium should cover his head in shame and simply be not only  be thrown into the abyss of political oblivion but classified as a sycophantic idiot and slave for helping to not only distort history but fighting to paint evil men with the brush of  benevolence and statesmanship which is a shameful aberration because of pecuniary gains they stand to gain from this government.




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