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Elozino’s murder: Okowa’s aide calls IG to end ritual killings in Delta

Miss Elozino Joshuala Ogege

Raged by the alleged cold murder of a brilliant 22 years old, 300 level first class Mass Communication female student of Delta State University, Abraka, Miss Elozino Joshuala Ogege; the Executive Assistant to the Governor of Delta State on Communications, Dr (Barrister) Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, has called on the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris and Delta State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Mustafa, to urgently end the thriving Yahoo Plus criminal activities in Abraka and other parts of the state.


He noted that young boys and girls between the age of 20 and 30 are the main perpetuators of the ungodly ritual killings for quick wealth associated with deep occult of various degrees of diverse potency, adding that if the trend is not tamed by the police and other security operatives; society will soon return to “the state of nature” where life is brutish, short and meaningless.


Oghenesivbe, a full member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), warned that if nothing is done by the federal and state governments through security agencies in dealing decisively with these “get rich quick” lazy criminals, the international community will soon sanction Nigeria and place though visa restrictions on the travelling public as well as other unpleasant and degrading immigration requirements for cross boarder transactions.


Gov Okowa’s EA Communications further asserted that Abraka has become the headquarters, of some sort, for Yahoo plus ritualists to the extent that special YAHOO CHURCHES are now springing up where youth are ministered to on how to invoke demonic spirits for satanic wealth creation, pointing out that majority of the youth in Abraka and some other parts of the state have sold their conscience to Lucifer at various satanic shrines with no respect for human lives.


He further stated that some top security operatives were alleged to assist these Yahoo Plus criminals who, on a regular basis, pay handsome dues via POS cash deductions from ATM Cards of suspects and thereafter set them free to continue with their ritual money making businesses.


Oghenesivbe, a minister in the temple of justice and an officer of the court of justice, appealed to the Inspector General of Police and Delta State Commissioner of Police to immediately intensify efforts at eradicating the Yahoo Plus ritual money business by investigating the alleged involvement of some senior security operatives who have also become very rich as a result of their deep involvements in the illegal and satanic money ritual enterprise.


“We are in a mess in Abraka and other parts of the state where Yahoo Plus and other money ritual businesses thrives. It has to stop and we need the cooperation of the security operatives, the government and parents to succeed.


“Our youth have become very lazy, not interested in education and genuine means of succeeding in life. Some parents have lost their mind and conscience and are supporting their children in Yahoo Plus money ritual businesses at the detriment of other peoples lives.


“Society is fast decaying and morality and good conscience no longer have a place in our society; where victims are called MAGA and the criminals are celebrated as proud owners of exotic cars, SUV’s and five star hotels, country homes and petrol stations across Delta and Nigeria.


“God is not happy with those assisting these criminals to terminate the lives of our people for satanic wealth creation.


“Enough is Enough, which is why both the government and security agencies must do the needful now, investigate owners of new exotic hotels; and youth cruising exotic cars in our streets without a corresponding genuine source of income to show for their ostentatious lifestyles,” Oghenesivbe added.






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