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Electoral act over regulating political parties – Funkekeme

RT. Hon. Solomon Funkekeme


By Our Correspondents

The Senior Political Adviser to the Governor of Delta State, Funkekeme Solomon, has called for the scrapping of Section 84 (8) of the Electoral Act, saying that some provisions in the law amount to ridiculing the democratic process.


According to him, the act is over regulating political parties and denying them the opportunity to be inventive and proactive in improving the dynamism inherent in multi party democracy.

Solomon spoke in Asaba in a Delta Broadcasting Service (DBS) television current affairs programme, The Faculty. He accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of pandering to the interests of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

“By suddenly extending the deadline for the conduct of primaries by the parties and the time it chose to announce it, INEC was basically indulging the APC which had displayed the lack of organisation and focus that have been the hallmark of the party in the past seven years.

“After insisting that it will not alter the election time table and after both APC and PDP had conducted primaries up to governorship level with PDP already gathered to conduct its presidential primary, there is no logic in INEC’s decision to suddenly extend the deadline by one week. The fact that APC promptly postponed its presidential primary afterwards shows INEC was not altruistic in its decision and the timing”, Solomon said.

He said that if INEC had kept faith with its agenda, APC should have been without a presidential candidate. “Going by the rules, APC should be deemed not to have a presidential candidate. It smacks of connivance for INEC to unilaterally shift the goal post at a time the parties had almost concluded the primaries to favour a party that is not prepared to play by the rules that had been long established by the electoral umpire. It is a cause for serious concern.”


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