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El-Rufai’s grand plot unsettles Tinubu over 2023 presidential ticket

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and Bola Tinubu

*Palpable tension in Edo, Ondo and Kogi between the two caucuses

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

That several Nigerians have come to believe that the 2023 presidential ticket for APC is strictly under the arms of the strong man of South West Politics seemed to be a serious façade as the Jagaban himself is said to be under serious panic over the game plans of the Cabal in the Presidency and of recent strategic meets and moves of Kaduna state governor Mallam El-Rufai and Rotimi Amaechi.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that serious tension and unprecedented fear is said to have enveloped the camp of Bola Tinubu not because of the fear of the solid facts making the rounds that the Cabal has  penciled down Babagani Kingebi as APC 2023 Presidential candidate but for the grand moves by Mallam El-Rufai to upstage Bola Tinubu in the quest for the same 2023 Presidential Ticket.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the governorship ticket tension and frenzy in the APC in APC in States like Edo, Ondo and Kogi have to do richly with the two groups which are the Tinubu’s and the El-Rufai/Amaechi Rotimi’s group over who controls the sitting governors on those states.

While the El-Rufai’s camp is said to be secretly working for ad banking on the incumbents remaining in Ondo, Edo and Kogi which is where their bride would be buttered come 2023 Primaries for Presidency, the Tinubu’s group are said to be seriously battling to edge put all the incumbents for having alliance and allegiance to the El-Rufai’s group hence their solidly fight with Akeredolu in Ondo, Obasaki in Edo and Yahaya Bello in Kogi.

In each of these states Tinubu Caucus have penciled down their choice candidates who would be trusted come 2023 Primaries to work for them hence their stout support for Admiral Jubril Usman retired in Kogi as against Bello whom they see as tilting towards the El-Rufai’s Caucus.

How things would eventually play out in the months ahead when primaries are expected to hold in the three states and those to hold forth for the APC would depend on the caucus that is in a more favourable position to break into the ears of the President and also the APC committee that  would be in charge of the Primaries for the three states as that would to a large extent determine where the tide would flow to just as it was in Imo where against all odds Uzodinma backed by Oshiomole and Tinubu shocked the sitting governor , Owelle Okorocha using the machineries of the committee that came to conduct the Primaries from Abuja.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to the two   opposite Caucuses/groups  to get their views, was not possible as no one was willing to open up on the raging battle inside the APC which are all geared towards 2023 Presidential ticket




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