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El-Rufai plays another drama again over speakership

El-Rufai Sule

*Dumps Nwajiuba for Gbabiajamilia quoting Buhari’s order

Isa Yusuf, Kaduna

The Kaduna state government certainly is a confused man or playing a funny game that is known only to him if his inconstant support and sometime announcements as to who he supports for positions in the National Assembly is used as an instrument   to assess him.

The Kaduna state governor few days ago told a shocked audience and Nation that he has been told officially by the President  Mohammadu Buhari(Who himself has refused commenting on the issue of the National Assembly positions) that Gbabiajamilia is the man he the President wants for the Speakership position in the 9th National Assembly, this is coming just a few days after the same El-Rufai together with several South East APC leaders and South West Governors serving and ex threw their support before one  Nwajiuba from the East to become the Speaker of the House.

What is baffling in all this is the way the Kaduna state governor does his statements and recanting within days and hours as if it is perfectly right.

Just some days after he asked that Bola Tinubu be dealt  with as a godfather he made a somersault   few days with a  recant and claimed he was quoted out of context forgetting he had told a bewildered shocked Nation that he had no regret in that same speech and decision on Bola Tinubu  and then this turn and supra turn on the speaker ship position prompting many a Nigerians to ask if the Governor of Kaduna state talks before he thinks or at all thinks before he talks.

Daily Watch would and certainly may not be shocked if El-Rufai again comes out with another story in the days ahead and before the National Assembly election on the speakership since his inconsistencies and recants are very legendary.

Daily watch tried reaching out to the Kaduna state governor to know at what time he got the President order to back Femi Gbabiajamilia since few days back he was holding meets and positioning a South Easterner Nwajiuba as the right man for the same position but was not possible before going to press.




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