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El Rufai Mess Exposed as he Blows Kaduna State N6billion on Herdsmen


Gov. El Rufai

KADUNA: The  story about Nigeria Headsmen and their penchant for killing and maiming instead of abetting seem to be on an upward swing if the series of reports of headsmen activities all over the country on a
daily basis is to be taken into records.


One of the most astonishing  expose on the headsmen super power
status seem to be oozing out from Kaduna state where a fellow Fulani
holds sway as executive Governor of the state for doling out huge
financial payments to the killer headsmen.

This expose which came out of an investigation by a team of EFCC
officials  on a  petition written by some concerned indigenes of
Kaduna state about certain financial recklessness of the El Rufai
government  to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has for
the first time not only exposed certain Financial misdemeanour of the
El Rufain administration but confirmed the story which the Governor
himself confessed to about paying several millions of Naira to certain
classes of Headsmen when he got hints that his payments and several
other financial misdeeds  were under investigations.

In the completion of the investigation   file on  El Rufai’s financial
mess in Kaduna investigated by operatives of the Economic and
Financial commission in which    Daily Watch  is Privy to  and on
pages six B in particular it was categorically confirmed that Governor
El Rufai in actuality paid well over six billion naira(6) to some
group of herdsmen who are said to be among those causing havoc in
Kaduna and other surrounding North central states for reason not
ascertain in the report.

The payment which was said to have been done in three batches
amounting to a total of 6 billion naira is confirmed to be on the
budget of the Kaduna state Government  but expanded by the Governor
from the coffers of the Kaduna state Government for payments to Fulani
headsmen as compensation for  which the governor or anyone in the
government has not   been able to show the  kind of jobs the Fulani
headsmen did for Kaduna state Government to warrant such  huge
financial payments running into billions of Naira.

The Report which is said to be the final report on the Financial
recklessness of the Kaduna State Government is Presently said to be
situated in the desk of the chairman of the Economic and Financial
crimes Commission  Ibrahim Magu here in Abuja who is said to be
studying the reports.

It would be recalled that sometime late last year in the peak of
headsmen menace in Kaduna state the Governor himself came out openly
to confess doling out several monies to the Killers headsmen to stop
their killings in Kaduna state but wondered then after the payment why
the headsmen where still on rampage.

 Daily watch attempts to speak to the chief Press Secretary to the
Kaduna state Government through his mobile phone number available to
us was not possible as the line was persistently not reachable while
that of the spokesperson of the EFCC rang severally without any one


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