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El Rufai goes for $350 Billion loan for mere re-Organization



*No specific project in mind for the loan request.

*Payment period to take 5oyrs


KADUNA-  The Kaduna state government within just two years into coming to
power is set to shot the debt profile which is placed at about 200
thousand dollars since the existence of the state to about 550 billion

The plot by the El Rufai government is seen by many as a fraud and an
attempt to mortgage the state to the debtors as the said loan has a
repayment period of over fifty years more so the said loan is not
tired to any specific projects that would help caution the effects of
paying for the loan rather all the he states in his loan request
is 350 billion dollars to reorganize Kaduna with no explanations on
what he intends to re-organize.

Daily Watch investigations in Kaduna and Abuja confirmed that the loan request which is already laid on the table of the committees on local and
Foreign loans in the both chamber of the National Assembly is as
opaque and bereft of any useful reasons or plans on how the loans
would be used other than for reorganization prompting many to ask
where loans has ever been taking for re organization purposes.

Already members of the senate committee on local and foreign loans are
said to have dumped the request like a pack of condemn card but the
governor is already said to be using the president who seem to have a
soft spot for El Rufai over many dirty jobs he does for the presidency
to mount pressure on the senate and house of representative committees
to help approve the loans but with many members  still adamant and
asking for the president to ask the governor to withdraw the request
and write down if even fake projects for which the loans would be used
for before they would grant the pleasure of the president which if
approved will shot the kaduna state government loan to a  history high
550 billion dollars in a state where the governor confessed to have
plaid several millions of naira to Fulani herdsmen for looting
,maiming and killing thousands of citizens of the once peaceful state.

Attempts to speak to the Kaduna state governor was not possible but
the chairman senate Committee on Local and Foreign debt v Comrade
Shehu Sani confirmed the funny loan request that is not only bereft of
any project that it would be used for but the governor use of lobby
and intense blackmail to force members to approve the very suspicious
loan request.




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