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Eid-el-Kabir: Nigerian Muslims celebrate



Today is Eid-el-Kabir and Nigerian Muslims join their counterparts across the world to celebrate the occasion.

Also referred to as Eid-al-Adha, it is a feast of sacrifice.


The festival comes up on the tenth day of the Islamic lunar month of Dhul Hijja.

The celebration extends to the third day.

During the festival, muslims slaughter rams as a form of sacrifice.

The slaughtering of rams is a reference to Prophet Ibrahim’s obeisance to God through his willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail on Mount Moriah.

God’s miraculous provision of a ram in place of Ismail for the sacrifice, inspired the killing of rams for the occasion.

The rams for the sacrifice, according to the tradition is divided into three parts.

While one part is shared among the poor, the second part is shared among relatives and friends while the third is for the family.

The slaughtering of ram is only made compulsory for those who can afford it.

On the occasion, muslims, gaily dressed, will troop to prayer grounds and offer prayers to Allah.

As it is the traditional, leaders, groups and individuals have been sending messages on the occasion of the festival to muslims.

One of such messages is that of President Muhammadu Buhari who urged all Muslims to use the occasion for sober reflection and self-examination, and strive to be good ambassadors of their religion by upholding high moral values.

He reminded Muslims that the felicitous occasion of Eid-ul-Adhawas a remembrance of the submission of Prophet IbrahimAllaihis-Salam to Allah, his Creator, by which he taught the world the value of sacrifice in relating with one another, and when it comes to nation-building.

“We must sacrifice for others and remember always those who are less fortunate than ourselves,” the President declared.

President Buhari explained that religion is a major factor in influencing human behaviour towards good conduct and actions.

He, however, regretted that selfishness, greed and corruption have overwhelmed human souls to the extent that people abandon their religious beliefs in pursuit of their greed.

The President stressed that fighting corruption was a task that must be done in order to protect the larger interests of the ordinary Nigerians who are the worst victims of diseases, poverty, malnutrition and other afflictions.

He said surrendering to corruption was not an option because it destroys society and progress of nations.

According to President Buhari, “Even if some people hate you for fighting corruption, you should not chicken out from the task as a leader because doing so is a betrayal of public trust.”


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