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Egypt’s Military is the most powerful in Africa

Soldiers in military vehicles proceed towards the al-Jura district in El-Arish city from Sheikh Zuwaid, around 350 km (217 miles) northeast of Cairo May 21, 2013. REUTERS/Stringer

Egypt’s Military has been ranked the most powerful in Africa, placing 12th most powerful military in the world.

The new list of military rankings was released by Globalfirepower. The Egyptian Armed Forces had a Power Index score of 0.2283.

Algeria’s military came second (27th in the world) while that of South Africa placed third (32nd in the world).

The Nigerian Armed Forces however ranked as the fourth most powerful military on the African continent and placed 44th in the global ranking.


The fifth most powerful military in Africa was that of Ethiopia which ranked 47th in the world.

Angola’s military ranked sixth most powerful in Africa and 58th in the world.

The Kingdom of Morocco’s armed forces wraps up the top 7 most powerful military in Africa with a 61st ranking in the world.

Sudan’s army ranked 8th in Africa and 69th in the world. Democratic Republic of Congo came 9th in Africa and 72nd in the world.

Libya came 10th and 77th in the world signaling the dominance of North Africa in the rankings with regards to Africa.

Global leaders

The United States of America Military remains the most powerful in the world, followed by Russia and China.

India placed 4th globally, followed by France at 5th position and Japan at 6th.

South Korea – 7th, United Kingdom – 8th, Turkey – 9th and Germany – 10th wrap up the top ten.

Globalfirepower, a defense website that did the ranking said the ranking for 2019 was achieved by processing the individual and collective values of each nation on the list through an in-house formula to generate the Power Index score.

Some of the values, the website considered include military manpower, air power, land strength, naval power, resources, logistics, financials and geography among others.

Source: Africafeeds.com





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