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EFCC raids ex-Gov. Yari’s home over alleged refusal to pay  N10bn to cabal for sainthood initiation

Abdul-Aziz Yari

 By Ahmed Ahmadu, Zamfara

The news of the unexpected raid of the palatial and multi billion Naira home at Talata Mafara on Sunday  of the Ex Governor of Zamfara State  Abdul-Aziz Yari and a five hours  search after which 21 Exotic Cars were carted away and a repeat search on  Yari’s brother Jafaru and his friend Sha’aya Mafara homes was shocking to many not because the man is free from corruption and corrupt practices but because of the timing of the raid which came belatedly despite overwhelming evidences which was serially confirmed and publicized by the EFCC even right when Aziz was serving as governor.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the raid of Yari would not even have occurred at all but for his stubbornness and refusal to be baptized into the very highly notorious list of ‘Sainthood ship’ as common with the Buhari’s administration which is extremely good at  converting thieves, criminals and looters to saints after due certification from the office of the chief of staff to the president.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that before now, the EFCC had a standing order not to go near Yari or freeze any account or properties belonging to the Ex-Governor of Zamfara state for his close allegiance to the administration and the powers that be until he was asked to drop a princely tithe of ten billion Naira to the cabal for the several billions he was said by the EFCC to have looted from the accounts of the Zamfara stat Government and he Pris refund funds via some consultants.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that The Ex Governor refusal to drop any dime from his fat looted cash was what led to the immediate raid of his residence in the state few days back so as to make him quickly realize the need to pay up his tithe or get  serious attack of the EFCC which would move to the Freezing of his accounts and other properties which had not yet been done as the aim of the raid was simply to make him quickly pay up his tithe for Sainthood to the Cabal via the office of the chief of staff.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Ex governor as at Wed this Week maybe making frantic effort to pay up his tithe and once that is done, the issue of Yari and the EFCC raid and cars seized would be returned and the whole case against Yari dropped for good by the EFCC which has become one great lame duck under the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari.

Daily watch spoke with Yari’s Media aide Mallam Ibrahim Dosara who refused to confirm or deny the tale of tithe payment refusal that necessitate the raid on the ex- governor’s residence.

Daily Watch attempts to speak with Tony Orilade on why the Zamfara governor to whom the EFCC before the end of his tenure has openly through the Media show cased several evidences of his loot are only just raiding his home without any seizure of properties, accounts etc but mere 21 Exotic cars as if they don’t know his several accounts and properties as it is done with others in the opposition whose accounts, properties etc are hurriedly frozen  using the instrumentality of some funny court orders even before  raids and investigations are done was not possible as his number was ringing consistently without anyone picking.








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