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EFCC: Plot to end Ibrahim Magu’s reign thickens

Mr. Ibrahim Magu, EFCC Chairman

*Four names shortlisted already

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Several Weeks back Daily watch brought reports about some changes that may soon be seen in the Aso Rock and the administration of Mohammadu Buhari following not just the death of the head of the Cabal in charge of administration in the Villa Abba Kyari but the takeover of a nee Sheriff in the affairs of administration in the Villa on behalf of the President following his near incapacitation.

Daily watch ears in the Villa confirmed that in the coming days heads may start rolling in the administration of President Buhari as they is an already moves to get a new man to head the Nations anti Graft agency ,the EFCC following what sources confirmed to mean not just a vote of no confidence on the Chairman Ibrahim Magu but his penchants for blocking, hiding, withdrawing and stopping several high profile corruption cases  on orders from the Late Abba Kyari and his Cabals whose stock in trade is collecting Millions and Sometime Billions in Bribes to allow corrupt persons go scot free .

Daily watch ears I the Villa confirmed that the Presidency and the new Sherriff running the show are presenting shopping for a new hand, someone with an unblemished and strong reputation to take over the EFCC and unearth all cases and case files that have been stopped and kept in the cooler by the Present leadership of the EFCC led by Ibrahim Magu whose head of the EFCC has degenerated to arresting and prosecuting only Yahoo Yahoo boys rather fighting the real thieves  in and out of  the  corridors of power and political leaders.

Daily watch ears has it that already four names have been penciled down made up of three Northerners and a Southerner from Bayelsa State and if every goes as planned the Country would be seeing a new helm master in the affairs of the near dead anti Corruption agency, the EFCC in Nigeria.

Daily watch findings confirmed that Ibrahim Magu who is abreast of the plot to send him packing is said to be running from Pillar to post mobilizing top traditional rulers, Mamman Duara and some Governors to put in words for him but like all his plea seemed not hitting the eardrums of the new Sherriff in town whose main aim is to strengthened massively the anti corruption fight,

Daily Watch frantic efforts to reach out to the Spokes person of the EFCC on the rumored plot to axe its chairman for the shameful killing of the once vibrant anti graft Agency, the EFCC was not possible as massages to the phone of the EFCC spokes man was not answered as at press time.






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