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EFCC Kick Start Fayose’s Impeachment Plot





* Media trial to kick start, Comm. Fin, Account Gen. arrested

* Principal members of the House to follow soon

ABUJA-Weeks ago we brought to you an expose on a secret plot by the cabal in
the presidency to carry out the Obasanjo’s treatment on Governor Peter
Fayose of Ekiti state which involves the use of threat, torture and
force to make two third members of the State House of Assembly to move
for the impeachment of the governor just as   was stage managed during
the Olusegun Obasanjo era.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed the commencement of the
comprehensive game plan with the Economic and Financial Crimes (EFCC), the
Commission is going after the Ekiti State Commissioner of finance and the
state  Accountant General with the intent to force both to give out
implicating  information and exposure that can be used to go for
members of the state House of Assembly and through to the executive
Governor of the State.

According to the plot, series of exposure and releases would flood the
media displaying fake stories of loot and blatant stealing by Governor
Fayose purported to have been gotten by the EFCC from sundry
investigations with the intent of first destroying his person via
dropped stories in the media after which the members of the state
assembly would be randomly picked, threatened, bribed and  lured with
money and second term ticket under APC to move for the impeachment of
the Ekiti state Governor to enable the Presidency go for his jugular
and put him under lock for  what the cabal called his many insults and
sins against  President Mohamadu Buhari.

Already, Daily Watch can confirmed not just the arrest of the duo of
Toyin Ojo and Yemisi Owolabi who are the custodians of Ekiti financial
Documents as the commissioner of Finance and Accountant general but
the use of the DSS and other security group on a comprehensive
blackmail and threats to the duo to give out information that can be
used to rope in the state executive governor,

Speaking with Lere Olayinka the Media spokesperson of the Governor
yesterday on the arrest in Abuja just when Governor Fayose was
launching his Presidential Campaign under PDP, he told Daily Watch that
it is all about their plot   to carry out their political game plan,
according to him “The EFCC is as irresponsible as the government in
power as it is living to its status as the APC led government attack
dog but Ekiti Government would not be intimidated but go through the
legal process to get the duo released”

He also asked “Why the so called   efficient EFCC has not till date
deemed it fit to raid or arrest the so called grass cutter Secretary to
the Federal Government, the Director General of National Intelligence
Agency and Chief of Army Staff Buratie for their many financial
looting and theft  which has been openly confirmed till date but quick
to go after innocent Ekiti  political appointees because of political

Daily Watch
attempts to speak to Uwujerun Wilson the spokesperson for
the EFCC on the arrest been described as a political vendetta and ploy
to hit at Fayose was not possible as repeated calls to his phone was
not picked as at the time of going to press.


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