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Eduwen festival to showcase ancient African Ibiono Ibom culture

Eduwen festival to showcase ancient African Ibiono Ibom culture

We are the food basket of the State – HRM Edidem Ime Udousoro Inyang

By Christopher Tom, Uyo

Nigerians have been called upon to witness, celebrate the Eduwem Festival with the people of Ibiono Ibom that would tremendously showcase their ancients African Culture and tradition without adulteration for donkey years.


The Paramount Ruler of Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, HRM Lion (EDIDEM) Dr. Okuku Ime Udo Usoro Inyang made the call while speaking with Journalists in his palace in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area. Said the festival will showcase their music, dress code, food, language, and especially how they celebrate their gods without apology embraced their religion and way of life as a people while made the people understand they are the food basket of Akwa of the State.

According to him, their soils are fertile for planting as far as Agriculture is concern but the challenge they have is bad roads that affects transportation system to bring out these goods to the market. While those that are in the diasporas which are present cannot be denied to celebrate with them as they are sons and daughters of the

“Our culture and tradition especially respects the gods of in-law, the gods of visitors, and grandsons and daughters which they cannot joke with because of the bond exist among them towards their culture and tradition.

Responding towards the issue as the state food basket, said government should try and open up roads in Ibiono Ibom which has been a major problem frustrating transportation system to transfer goods from the various communities to the urban areas.

While also they have negotiated with Akwa Ibom Sport Council to include their ancient traditional game called Oyo game to be included in sport competition across the state and have been transformed to meet up the modern international standard of the game to be recognized across the globe.


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