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Edo Govt threat to arrest Monarchs was act of disrespect and ignorance, says Ijaw group



WARRI- Ijaw People Development Initiative (IPDI) has said that the recent threat issued by the governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki to arrest the newly installed traditional ruler of Odiama kingdom  and other Ijaw monarchs was a clear act of  disrespect and ignorance on the part of the state governor and his cabinet.

Ijaw people Development Initiative (IPDI) National President comrade Austin Ozobo disclosed in a press statement sent to Daily Watch,said ‘‘ Our attention has been drawn to the governor of Edo state ,Obaseki lacks of respect for the Ijaw People in Edo state and his open support to the Benins on national dailies. His threat to arrest Ijaw Monarchs over the recent coronation of the Pere of Olodiama kingdom could be seen as an open declaration of war.”


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It may interest the public to know that Olodiama kingdom existed long before Mr Governor OBASEKI was born. If he is bereft of idea on the existence of Olodiama kingdom ,he should make enquiry. Olodiama kingdom has never any time recorded as subjects of Benin kingdom. We warn Obaseki to tread with caution. His unprintable uttrances are no longer welcomed by Ijaw nation.

We make bold to say that the threat of war and arrest by Edo state governor ,Godwin OBASEKI is capable of fanning ethnic war between the Benins and Ijaw nation. Ijaws have been tolerating his careless talks and his Benin conspiracy. Such statements are derogatory and inciting and they are not acceptable.

This singular ineptitude acts of OBASEKI shows that he is a governor of Benin tribe only. We are not afraid over his open support for his Benin people.

The recent coronation of the pere of Olodiama kingdom has not anyway amounts to violation of any existing law in Edo state. Ijaw kingdoms in Edo state predates Benin. No threat of arrest will deter Ijaw nation. OBASEKI and his Benins lack power to issue Ijaw threat.

We equally advice the Oba of Benin not to be intoxicated by his advantageous position. We have heard of several strong empires fall. We do not insinuate Benin to be victim of that. If he thinks war will profit him let him go ahead.

The current Oba of Benin cannot claim feign ingnorant over existence Ijaw kingdoms in Edo state, the Ijaws in Ovia local government had their Kings – the Pere of Olodiama and the Agadagba of Egbema. Pere of Olodiama is in the mid-Western State of Nigeria Gazette, No. 56, Vol. 10 dated 10th October 1973, State Traditional N.S.L.N. Volume 62 of 1973, the Constitution (Suspension and Modification) Decree, 1966, Iyekuselu District Council (Appointment of Chieftaincy Committee) Order, 1973 gave a legal backing to the Pere of Olodiama with his seat at Ikoro, in Olodiama Clan. The Agadagba of Egbema, the Bendel State Traditional Rulers and Chief Edict 1979, extraordinary Gazette No. 51 Vol. 16 of September 28, 1979 gave a legal teeth to the Agadagba of Egbema with four ruling villages.

We can never be intimidated by the advantageous position of Benin people. We are totally disappointed by the careless utterances of Edo State government. Olodiama had produced several kings and this was not their first king. Ijaw nation will prevail against any form of intimidation by Edo State government on Ijaws of Edo State.

Obaseki open support given to Benin, amounts to nothing. He has just made himself unpopular. If he could do so, Ijaws in Nigeria too will not fold their arms and watch over Ijaw communities in Edo state being weeped away on planet earth by OBASEKI and his Benin dynasty.

Comrade Ozobo Austin.
National president Ijaw Peoples development Initiative ,IPDI.



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