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Edo Governor’s wife to launch ‘‘No pinkin go die again’’ pet project

Mrs Betsy Obaseki

By Isaac Olamikan, Senior Correspondent, Benin

Mrs Betsy Obaseki, Wife of the Edo State governor has disclosed her plans to address the issue of after child birth death that is prevalent in the state with the use of her pet project, “No Pikin Go Die Again” which she will soon be launching. She made the disclosure on the occasion of the Uber Benin Launch held on Wednesday afternoon where she had represented the governor.

The first lady described the event(Uber Launch) as a major development in the state but lamented that it was not given the kind of prominence it deserves.

She observed that after the launch of the Uber operations in Lagos and
Abuja, Edo State is the third location to be given such consideration.

Mrs. Obaseki asserted that the coming of Uber to Edo State speaks a
lot about what the state government is doing to uplift the standard of
living of the people.

She gave Kudos to the Uber team for adding safety, comfortabillity and reliability to their services while also working in league with the state government’s project of creating 200,000 jobs within four years.

Mrs. Obaseki stressed that she is very much interested in the Uber
team making Edo State its first port of call to launch a rural taxi
scheme and also empower the women folk in the state through employment of female drivers for its fleet.

In a prepared speech Governor Obaseki disclosed that “the state
government has began finalizing its plans for the establishment of Edo Automobile Park which at completion will house key players in the
automobile value chain ranging from car dealers, mechanics, to spare parts sellers.

“All these are being put in place to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors to the state while improving the lives of residents”.
Earlier, Lola Kassim, Uber’s West Africa General Manager, described Edo State as a beacon of job creation.
She averred that Uber is using the power of technology to bring innovation into the transportation business, adding that the outfit is very much interested in the safety and comfort of its clients.




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