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Edo factional House of Assembly denies approving N1.5bn loan for Edo govt

Edo state factional House of Assembly
By Our Correspondent. Benin

 The factional members of Edo State House of Assembly, EDHA, denied approving the sum of N1.5billion loan for the government of Edo State.

Speaking under matters of urgent public importance Rt. Hon. Emmanuel Agbaje the Deputy Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly who represents Akoko-Edo II, consistency in the House said;  “This is matter of urgent
public importance, bothers on the purported approval of loan by an illegal gathering of dissident members in the Government House, who claim they have approved the sum of N1.5billion naira for Godwin Obaseki led Government of Edo State”. Continuing, he said “We are aware that the purpose of the loan is to fund their electoral interests….their election is not an official matter of the state, we as a House, cannot afford to sell the future of our children”

Hon. Chris Okaeben, Member representing Oredo West Consistency started
by saying, “….My brother who represents Oredo East, and I, are seriously embarrassed by the action of the present Government of Mr.

Godwin Obaseki; and that is because he is from our consistency. I want
to apologize to the people of Edo state and all lovers of democracy
for the erroneous and thus far embarrassing activities of the present
governor of Edo state…” Okaeben berates the way and manners the
governor of Edo state has muffled the legislative organ of Government
in Edo State, and turns the premises of Edo State House of Assembly to
Indian helm, smoking joint by hoodlums making Edo State a laughing
stock amongst the comity of democratic state.Ruling the Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Victor Sabor
Edoror, asked the Clerk to send clean copies of the sitting’s resolution, to the Governor of Edo States, His Excellency, Mr. Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki, the Attorney-General of the Federation, the
Director General, Debt Management Office, as well as all anti graft agencies.The Speaker who warned the 7 dissident members sitting in the Government House, in the name of a House of Assembly, to desist from
doing so, he announced the termination of the appointment of the suspended Clerk Mr. Yaya Omogbai, who has been aiding the dissident
members, and also announced Mr. Samuel Efezokhale as the acting Clerk of the House.

A motion of the adjournment of the House to Wednesday September 23rd,
2020 was moved by Hon. Ugabi Kingsley who represents, ….and seconded
by Hon. Eric Okaka who represent Owan…….

Sitting continues……




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