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Edo election: How Bola Tinubu lost close to a billion naira in late negotiation with Ize Iyamu  

Chief Bola Tinubu and pastor Ize Iyamu

*How some APC leaders shared Tinubu’s windfall without using the same for the purpose for which it was disabused.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor


While Edo 2020 may have  come and gone several sour losers are seriously counting their loss following not just their support of the APC governorship Candidate but doling out several Millions in cash and negotiated deals with the failed APC Ize Iyamu.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that apart from the self styled billionaire Okunbo from Edo state who helped bankrolled the APC candidate governorship pursuit on the prompting of Oshiopikin with a promise to regain his hard earned cash via contract and others when Ize Iyamu wins the election, the strong man of Lagos state is also said to be in agony after also blowing close to a billion Naira in the same Ize Iyamu campaign.

Daily Watch investigation by Lucky Ojigbo through Lagos, Abuja to Benin confirmed that the strong man of Lagos Politics Bola Tinubu was contacted few weeks to the  Edo state governorship elections on the need to help bank roll the Ize Iyamu Campaign pursuit and cash to help in taking care of the election proper as in vote buying and other exigencies that would helped schemed the election in favour of the APC in Edo state knowing in the depth of their mind that Ize Iyamu would fail like he actually did in a free and fair election.

Daily Watch ears in Ize Iyamu Campaign team confirmed that Bola Tinubu did indeed dropped close to a billion Naira for the APC governorship election few weeks to the election and also extracted some promises from the Ize Iyamu team to become the  sole tax consultant through his firm Alpha Beta which is in charge of Tax collection in Lagos state ever since the days of his governance in Lagos state with the usual ten percent collection before remittance directly from all taxes collected, the same thing that goes on in almost and among all APC governors backed financially by the Jagaban in Nigerian apart from Kaduna and Ondo where the two leader bluntly refused his tax adventure.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that it was this agreement of total tax take over by Bola Tinubu tax firm Alpha Beta that resulted in that strong but highly condemned and belated broadcast of the APC self acclaimed leader in which he totally condemned and lambasted the PDP governorship candidate in the person of Obaseki some very few days to the governorship election.

Daily Watch sources had it that the Jagaban of South west as he is popularly called is in a serious state of annoyance and anger as he is said to be angry with the few leaders of the APC in Edo state to whom he believed collected the financial windfall but either by commission or Omission failed to use it for the vote buying and settlement of all security officials to assist in the planned rigging of the election for the APC as agreed before the disbursement of the Hugh war chest said to be close to a billion Naira.

Daily Watch frantic efforts to confirm the exact sum and the correctness of the deals that went with the cash from Bola Ahmed Tinubu to Ize Iyamu weeks to the Edo 2020 Governorship elections was not possible as all the persons involved in the said negotiation and division of the Tinubu loot or is it heist wee reluctant to open up knowing the state of mind of the APC leader over the suspected none usage of the funds for the election.




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