Editorial: Bloodbath in NDU/Amassoma protest: Gov. Seriake Dickson should thread with caution

Seriake Dickson

Chief Seriake Dickson

We have seen and reported elaborately in all the divides in the on-going Niger Delta University (NDU) Protest by aggrieved students and parents in Amasoma over unusual hike in tuition fees and sudden sack of over 100 hundred civil servants duly employed in the University by previous administrations in the state.

We are not questioning the decision by the governing council of the University to increase tuition fees at the University, neither the summary sack of over 100 workers.

Daily Watch is concerned in the protection of lives and properties in the ancient city of Bayelsa state where soldiers were sent to resolve a peaceful protest that ended to killings and wounding of several peaceful protesters.

The decision by the governor Chief Seriake Dickson to deploy soldiers to calm the protesters is absolutely wrong. When in history soldiers have maintained peace in such a precarious situation where youths, women and men have resigned to fate to die by dancing nude and carrying out all sorts of negative diabolical activities, such as making a mock burial of an incumbent state governor Seriake Dickson’s portrait.

We are concerned with the approach of the Bayelsa state government in handling the historical peaceful protest. Soldiers are not known for resolving such matters across the the country, instead of using  dialogue with the aggrieved persons to tackle the situation, Troops were deployed to kill and maim peaceful protesters.

We do not support such diabolic protest where mothers danced nude and carried out series of rituals before cameras. It is not heard in any part of Ijaw protest and against the Ijaw tradition for women to dance nude in day times before camera.  Members of the People Democratic Party said that the protest has a political undertone as it is being sponsored by opposition political parties in the state to blackmail the state governor, Chief Seriake Dickson.

For we in Daily Watch, we totally condemn the action  of the state governor, Chief Dickson seriake, using soldiers to intimidate and cow peaceful protesters as unpatriotic and uncivilized  method of resolving crisis in democracy which may lead to further armed confrontation by aggrieved youths in the locality that could result  further bloodbath.

It is quite on record that Niger Delta region is a volatile region and using soldiers to intimidate or cow protesters, thereby killing youths in the area would attract more violence  with similar armed confrontation in the future which the governor Chief Dickson may be culpable and should be ready to accept responsibility of further loss of lives and destruction of property in Amasoma community.




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