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Ebitimi dedicates twins babies to God amidst jubilation after 9yrs childless marriage


File Photo: Twins babies



By Andrew Opukeme


YENAGOA- Amidst Jubilation and celebration as a notable business man Mr. Ebitimi Akassa-Otubo, popularly known as “Timaya” has expressed his gratitude and appreciation to God as he  dedicates his new born twins babies to God at St. Mathia Catholic Church Amarata, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.


Mother of the twins’ babies, Egirenfa has experienced pains and lamentation praying for the fruit of the womb for about nine years before finally conceived and put to bed the wonderful sets of twins male and female as blessing to the family.

Visibly seen excited Mr. Ebitimi Akassa-Otubo danced with his wife, family and friends in the church while being grateful to God. He said at the congregation. ‘‘God has removed shame and reproach from my family’’

The twins babies, male and female which the male was named Peremobo-owei and the female Peremobo-ere.

While testifying to the goodness of God, Mother of Egirenfa said ‘‘My daughter Egirenfa has not conceived in her entire life, hearing that this is her first time of delivery excites me so much, so I have to come and be part of the celebration and witness this great event” she noted, and further urging the couple to stay at peace in the rest of their lives.

Also, expressing his joy is twins’ mother’s younger brother, a self-styled ‘‘General’’. Kombo-owei Ebikeme, who said God has answered the prayers of the family for surprising everyone with the double blessings to the family. According to him, children are the first blessing in marriage.

His words “We have been praying for the fruitfulness of the womb of my elser sister. After my sister was put to bed some few days ago, unknown gun men came attacking their home and got her husband shot”. He described the gun attack as work of the enemies.

He said “therefore, we are celebrating two occasions together child dedication and survival of my in-law” whom he called ‘‘Boss Timaya the Big Fish’’.

Mr. Marku Oloye JP, also joined in thanking God. He said ‘‘This is a breakthrough of marital bliss. It is a good thing to hear that the couple had finally put to bed.’’ He prayed to God and protects the children and their parents from the eyes of the evil ones.

Also, some concerned friends and well-wishers particularly ‘‘The Holy Ghost Massaging Centre’’ at Okutukutu Village in Yenagoa, which they expressed their gratitude to God’’ adding, there is nothing Jesus cannot do.



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