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Eaglet early exit a wake up call- Coach Efe Sodje 

Coach Efe Sodje 

By Clarkson Ogo

Following the strong disappointment and criticism over the early exit of the Golden Eaglet from the 2019 Brazil World Cup, Nigerian born former Under 15 Coach of Bury Fc of England, Efe Sodje has said the outcome is an indication that Nigeria need to go back to the drawing board.



The former Super Eagles defender now scout for Shelfeild United said they maybe numbers of factors leading to their poor performance.


“Why complaining, first of all were the coaches given the full support and did they get the right equipment to coach the players without any interference? and let us not forget countries wont fear any body any more by just the name”.


The former Bury and Crewe Alexendre fc of England player also said it’s not expected that  Nigeria must win every time because other countries are equally building their foundation.


“There aren’t any major factors,  what we all have to understand  is that football has change. all we should do is not to put pressure on the young boys we need to let them express themselves”.


However, from all indication Head Coach of the Golden Eaglet Manu Garba has been relieved from his duty after the Nigeria team was thrashed 3-1 by Neitherland in the round of 16.


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