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DTHA 2023: Yingi declares ambition, recalls achievements

Hon. Dan Yingi declares for Delta state house of Assembly from Burutu North constituency.

By. Cletus Opukeme, Warri

Former member Delta state House of Assembly Hon. Dan Yingi has formally declared to run again for the Delta state house of Assembly in 2023.

Hon. Yingi who was lawmaker in the Delta state house of Assembly from Burutu North from 2010 till 2019 has pledged to embark on sustainable development and human capital develoomemr, if given the mandate.


He thanked people of Burutu LGA for their wonderful support given to him so far during his two tenures in the Delta state house of Assembly.

The chairman PDP Burutu LGA, Hon. Ebike Victor Oromoni urged Yingi to be prayerful, noting that only God chooses leader. He admonished him to perform better than his first two tenures, if he gets the mandate, saying that the Burutu people were impressed with his projects during his last two tenures.

Also speaking , the director general of Yingy 2023 campaign organization Mr. Joseph Benike ezpresed joy at the turnout of the party executive meeting and other supporters in Yingi’s 2023 campaign flag off for the Delta state house of Assembly from Burutu constituency 11.

According to him,  Hon. Dan Yingi is a grassroot politician and knew the plight of the communities, just as he embarked on numerous projects. Saying that ” Yingi will do more for his people if given the mandate as he has gaines more knowledge in the mecahaniam of legislative business”

Dan Yingi showcased his two tenure achievemenrs in  a televised projector at the arena of the flag- off in Warri which endeared accolades from his constituents.

Below is Yingi’s two tenure scorecard.


2023: Vote Hon. Dan Yingi the Projects Projector for Delta State House of Assembly.

The name Hon. Dan Yingi is no doubt a household name in Burutu Politics. Indeed, he is a tested technician in the business of law making.

He is one who identifies development as a dire need of the people and has proven this beyond reasonable doubt by carrying out several developmental projects in Burutu Political Space.

Below are some of the the projects he carried out during his limited time frame as a Member representing Burutu North in the Delta State House of Assembly :

1) Fencing of Elewe Primary School, Odimodi.

2) Construction of Semi-Detached Bungalow at Kou community.

3) Fencing of Obotebe Secondary School, Obotebe.

4) Construction of Health Center MDG, Gbekebor.

5) Construction/Renovation of a Semi-Detached Bungalow as Teacher’s Quarters, Gbekebor.

6) Construction of Civic Center, Kiagbodo.

7) Construction of Semi-Detached Bungalow as Teacher’s Quarters, Bikorogha.

8) Fencing of Health Center, Ayakoromo.

9) Complete Renovation of Blocks of Classrooms at Ngbilebiri Primary School, Ayakoromo.

10) Provision of Solar Powered Street Light at Okpokunou.

11) Renovation of Assembly Hall at Ngbilebiri Primary school, Ayakoromo.

12) Construction of 6 Classroom Blocks at Enekorogha.

13) Provision of Solar Street Light at Edegbene Community.

14) Construction of 6 Classroom Block at Edegbene.

15) Construction of Landing Jetty at Okrika.

16) Construction of Concrete Pavement Road at Edegbene Community.

17) Renovation of 4 Classrooms with toilet and Water system at Ayakoromo.



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