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DSS stalking and monitoring calls, conversations of politicians over 2019



*Atiku, Kwakwonso, Saraki,Dogara and several Governors under bug


 ABUJA- As 2019 elections draws near it is like the once docile DSS when it concerns atrocities and investigations of herdsmen seem to have woken up from its self -imposed silence and docility as it is presently everywhere and every place monitoring and  eaves drooping on the calls and discuss of most Nigerian politicians.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja conforms that most recently trained officers of the DSS are presently been placed on wide alert and hooked up with several Politicians in the PDP,APC and Obasanjo’s coalition with the intent of getting information politically and otherwise of all their plans, plots and discuss.

While Daily watch cannot ascertain the real motive for this new found job of the DSS when Nigerians expected them to be in the field trying to track down masterminds of the several Fulani herdsmen killings the truth remains that they are tryly working hard in this line of duty as almost all the calls of notable political leaders all over the country are been screened and monitored.

According to insiders in the DSS over 1000  trained operatives  on calls monitoring, tagging and decoding are said to be on the field with a special office headed by a DSS Commissioner from Katsina  state heading the new office which is to file every discussions ,call, whatever entered into y the politicians under surveillances.

According to Daily Watch Sources, it was one of such discreet monitoring that led to the arrest of one of the ardent followers of the Ex Governor of Kano state and an ardent Kwakwosayei follower, a ex Commissioner for water resources while on a mission to Saudi Arabia for the lesser hajj a week ago sn the Murtala International airport on allegations of passing of fake information about Boko Haram attack in Kano state.

Daily watch Sources  in the DSS also confirmed that intense bugging and information gathering on Abubakar Aticku,Olusola Saraki, Dogari and several other politicians and some Governors are already on with a view to know their every moves, discus and plans.

Also confirmed by Daily Watch  sources in the DSS is  that  v more shocking arrest and frame ups would  soon  be launched by the DSS on perceived opponents of the Present administration as was in the time of Abacha where many where arrested and some framed up for planting bombs etc just to put them out of speculation prior to the heat of political alignments and re-alignments.

How well and far is the DSS going to be used for political aims and purposes with the monitoring and bugging of both APC and PDP leaders is for now not known but the fact is that many a politicians are under constant monitoring with their calls and discus bugged and been sieved for both political and other useful information.

Attempts to speak with the DSS as a service over the allegations was not possible as at the time  of heating the press as the DSS unlike in the past has no spoke person to get their views and response from.


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