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DSS, police dish out contradictory tales to exonerate herdsmen




   *In spite of claims by Known Mayetti Allah’s leaders that they carried out the killings.


ABUJA-The DSS headed by a Nigerian Fulani from Duara in Katsina state like the Nigerian lying Inspector General of Police and the Nigerian President who are all Fulanis seem in a serious battle to clear the herdsmen involved in the killings all over the Country.

This much seem to be the conclusion if the recent statement by the Director of the DSS that the Islamic State force are present in Nigeria and likely the  people involved in the Benue Killings.

The statement from the DSS which is coming weeks after the Inspector General Of Police ,another Fulani has openly even before investigations come on air to describe the Genocidal Butchery that the Benue killings was as a mere communal clash between two communities before recanting seem to be  a complete stryggle by the whole Nigerian Fulani led Security Force in Nigeria to exonerate the real culprit, the Fulani herdsmen who incidentally had come out severally to lay claim to their carrying out the killings  firstly as a result of   their missing 1000 cattles and later  telling Nigerians that it was as a result of the anti Grazing laws signed into law last year November by the Benue State Governor.

The struggle and efforts to clear the known killers without any investigations seem to be the Priority of those in the helm of the different security forces in Nigeria rather than arresting the culprit whom the state Governor has openly claimed to know and who has also openly confessed to their crimes and reasons for the killings.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that all efforts is been made here in Abuja to lay the blame of the killings on any other factor other than the real course so as to  dwindle and kill the call for the prescription of the Mayetti Allah Breeders Association to which the President and other Emirs in the North are said to be Patrons and Grand Patrons to.

The lies by the IG and the Director of the State Security which seem to contradict each other seem to be aggravating anger in the Middle Belt and Benue in particular as the Middle Belt Youths has openly described the DSS claims as wicked and self serving  and described it as just an attempt to cover up for their killer brothers.

According to David Unongo a human right activist in Markurdi, Benue state ‘’The Inspector General of Police  and the DSS seem to be in haste to Exonerate the Mayetti Allah Breeders who had openly claimed that they are the killers. Why and for what reasons they opt to create theses lies which are contradictory seem very insulting and funny to the people of Benue state or is it that these lies are been churn out with a view to pull the wool over the eyes of Nigerians’’.

Attempts to speak to the spokes person of the Nigeria Police on how the Police claim of Communal battle is now again been seen as Islamic state Force was not possible as at the time of going to press.


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