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DSS, EFCC pencil Justice Mary Odilli over Supreme court ruling exposes Buhari’s culpability

Justice Mary Odilli

*DSS EFCC, Maxim X squad all in massive combing of Odilli’s asset, CCB forms, accounts etc

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

Trouble seemed to be on the way for Mary Odilli and some Justices of the Supreme court in what has become a worrisome secret attack and blackmail of judges and justices by the Nigerian government to force them to do the biding and wishes of those in the executive.


Daily Watch findings days ago confirmed a deliberate plot to deal with Justice Mary Odilli of the Supreme Court over a ruling given by the apex Court some few days ago in which the erudite judge berated President Mohammadu Buhari for daring to use the Federal Government Lawyer to pursue a purely personal Judicial case.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the ruling by May Odilli has brought her face to face with the angst of the Presidency and the Cabal and an emergency meeting of several top security team under the Maxim X squad who are made up of trusted and highly loyal security officers/ men from the DSS, Nigerian Police, EFCC etc but with specific task of always carrying out dirty investigations and work for the Cabal and the administration and headed by an Ex Dss boss that was recently sacked.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that some meeting of the Cabal and the select head of the squad was held where it was agreed that a forensic  and painstaking investigations must be done within months on the person of Mary Odilli over her bashing of the President in a case that had to do with the President Committing Perjury but wherein the Justice went off to caution the President for using government Lawyer for personal cases and dispute which is unconstitutional and a breach of the Code of Conduct  laws of Nigeria and an impeachable offense.

The ruling and speech by Mary Odilli is said to have created ripples inside the Villa  with hardened members of the Cabal headed by Mamman Diara and Abba Kyari calling on the select security officers to work round the clock to bring out every dirt, stains or  monetary savings, investments etc on the renown Justice Odilli with the intent of dealing with her if any small culpability is discovered in the massive investigations that is said to have commenced secretly few days ago and directly supervised by a Ex-DSS boss that was recently sacked from the Buhari’s administration but yet under the same government pay role and used to clear up and do dirty jobs for the Cabal and the Presidency.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to Justice Mary Odilli over the crisis, tension her ruling in the perjury case  had created and unsettled the powers that be and the very wicked, drastic  and secret investigations now on her but wasn’t able to gain asses to her just as all attempts to hear from the DSS spokes person Peter Affunaya on the reported secret commissioning of investigations on the person of Justice Mary Odilli yielded no solid confirmation, answer or reply when this reporter called for reaction.



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