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Don’t near NDDC gate in P/H, Ijaw youths warn Eric Omare, say he will regret his action


By Steve Seigha, Warri

Supporters of Barr. Pereotubo Oweilaemi led Ijaw youths council (IYC)  in Niger Delta have  warned Barr. Eric Omare led Ijaw youths Council (IYC)  to stay clear from Port-Harcourt NDDC gate, or anywhere. They warned Eric Omare and his hired boys would regret their action, if they flout the simple warning.

Barr. Eric Omare last weekend had  threatened  a mass action to shutdown NDDC gate Port-Harcourt. If federal government delays inauguration of the new NDDC board and also dissolve the interim board.

Barr. Pereotubo Oweilaemi IYC supporters disclosed in a statement on Wednesday signed by  Comrade Demebide Akpi, General Peter Kemelaemi and Comdr. Agamah Douye said ” We are reacting to a media statement credited to Barr. Eric Omare threatening to shut down NDDC gate and others for a mass action, if the federal government fails to swear-in the new nominated NDDC board immediately and dissolve interim board and so on. Ordinarily, we should have ignored such publications. But our silence may mean otherwise.

‘‘ In the first place, Barr. Eric Omare is not the National President of Ijaw youth council and therefore does not have the clout to speak for the Ijaw nation.  We are speaking for and on behalf of Ijaw youths council and warning Eric Omare not to be deceived by any politician to go for a suicide mission, by coming near the NDDC gate in Port-Harcourt or demonstrate anywhere in the country as we have placed our boys to checkmate such illegal protest in the name of Ijaw youths Council, if they disobey this simple warning, they will regret their action’’ they warned

They said that federal government had done nothing wrong ‘‘ By appointing interim committee to over see the activities and management of NDDC while the forensic auditing last. The decision of federal government through the office of the minister of Niger Delta, Chief Godwill Akpabio is in the best interest of Niger Delta and the country.  Why should one fake IYC President who want to scuttle federal government good intention with illegal protest.

‘‘ Again, the said NDDC board nomination is full of controversies and  federal government is concerned with  a listening ear for the peace and development of Niger Delta, thereby, working around the clock to allow the board genuinely represent all the ethnic nationalities and states in Niger Delta before it is inaugurated, you are here paid to making nonsense and baseless threat for a mass action, if government delays the inauguration.

The Ijaw youths however, urged federal government and the general public  to ignore the ranting of Barr. Eric Omare who an impostor to threaten legitimate government of its good intention for the good people of Niger Delta.

They said, ” IYC is solidly behind Minster of Niger Delta Godwill Akpabio’s actions and decision in repositioning NDDC for the overall interest and good of the people of the region.’’





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