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Don’t give our land to Fulanis for colony- Igalas of Kogi warn Governor Bello

Yahaya Belllo


 *Registering thousands of herdsmen to help up his vote for 2018


KOGI-The Loquacious Governor of Kogi state has been warned not to give even an inch of the Land belonging to the People of Igala to the Fulani herdsmen for whatever purpose.

  This much warning was dished out to the Kogi Governor who is among the very few Governors that is said to have accepted the Federal Government establishing a Colony in his state by one of the most vocal Socio Cultural Group in  Igala land, the Uk’Omu Igala organization.

The Group in a discuss with Daily Watch  gave vivid instances of Fulani herdsmen onslaughts on Innocent Farmers and people of Igala land to support their total rejection of cattle Colonies in the state.

The Group through their National Leader Major General Patrick Akpu  (RTD) and National Secretary Mallam Ahmed Hussein vowed to resist any attempts to setup any form of Cattle Colony in Kogi East.

According to them Selling  our heritage and birth right to fuel his governorship Political pursuit is not acceptable to us Igalas, as his decision to grant indigineship to Fulani herdsmen in Kogi state  and compel traditional councils to include  herders as members of the council is totally repugnant and unacceptable’’.

They vowed to reject all ploy to bring in as many as possible herders to Kogi and making them citizen so as to get their votes and support of the President come 2019 as that would no work as no land of the Igalas would be used for such evil trade off


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