Donald Trump Attacks Obama, Mother Theresa for Her comment ‘We‘re all children of God’



US-President Donald Trump this morning retweeted Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich’s tweet directed at Ben Rhodes. Rhodes served as  deputy national security advisor for strategic communications for former President Barack Obama. Obama had commuted the sentences of Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Obama did not pardon either.

Since Friday, Trump has been taking heat for announcing his pardon of Joe Arpaio In the teeth of one of the most powerful storms to hit the United States in years. As Hurricane Harvey was hitting Category 4 status,  Trump announced he had pardoned the former Maricopa County, AZ, sheriff, who had been found guilty of criminal contempt last month after disregarding a court order in a racial-profiling case. Arpaio was an early and devoted follower of Trump’s birther movement, which held that Obama was not born in this country and therefore did not hold his office legally.

After attacking Obama, the object of his ongoing obsession, early this morning via Twitter, Trump pivoted to quoting Mother Theresa in her observation about us all being the children of god, regardless of race, religion or nationality. Then Trump thanked the National Guard for rescuing those in distress in hurricane-flooded areas of Texas:


(Culled from YahooNews)




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