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Dollar rain for cabal as potential ministers, godfathers cough out millions to buy slots

Aso Rock cabal

By Lucky Ojigbo, Abuja

*Special conditions, agreements also signed as loyalty to cabal non negotiable.

Nigeria is indeed a country of the absurd or how else can one explain the delay in dropping a list of Ministers over a month after swearing in of the President Mohammadu Buhari for his second term tenure.

Daily Watch sources in the Presidential Villa confirmed that the delay in drawing the so called ministerial list is not as a result of the President secrecy or plot to look out for the best but simply as a result of the Presidential Cabal in the Presidency headed by the senior Cousin of Mr. President to make as much in terms of financial gains from the whole ministerial Check Charade that is ongoing in the seat of power.

Daily watch findings confirmed that most of those to become new Minister are made to cough of certain amounts running into Millions of Naira to the Cabal for their names to stand in the lit or get yanked out  just as they are also made to sign not only secret agreements f their absolute allegiance to the Cabal to whom they must  consult in all contracts for their imputes and guidance, also a pre resignation letter is also to be signed to hold each of the ministers to their agreements with the cabal as failure to adhered to the agreements would simply means releasing the undated resignation letter to the press with a date fixed and the dropping of such minister.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that the Ministerial list may be out within this coming Week to the 2nd week of July if all those still begging for time to pay up their fees are able to within the time frame given.

Daily Watch sources has it that the Cabal has so far made several billions from the Ministerial screening session and are set to even make more when the new Ministers are to commence work fully and t issue contracts as the cabal would play major role in who gets what contracts and at what percentages.

Daily Watch sources confirmed that several Potential Ministerial aspirants that were unable to pay the secret tithes have gotten their names exited from the lit as it keeps changing every day just as several godfathers are paying up for their godsons directly to the cabal.

Daily Watch fight to get the response of Mamman Duara the Senior Cousin to President Buhari and head of the Presidential Cabal, the most powerful Man in Buhari’s administration was not possible as he has built a fortress around himself just as silence is his 2nd name.





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