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Dog eats Dog: As cabal sets to plot against El-Rufai in appeal

Governor Nasir-El-Rufai

*As Gov, tail in between legs goes seriously begging

By Isa Yusuf, Abuja

This doesn’t seem to be a very good time for the very mouthy and loquacious Governor of Kaduna State Governor El-Rufai as the rug is abut been removed off his feet by the Cabal in the Presidency following their total takeover of the administration of  Nigeria from the duo of President Mohammadu Buhari and Yemi Osibanjo who have both been formally made mere ceremonial head in the same government they won election for in 2019.


Daily watch investigations in the seat of power in Abuja confirmed that the ever dangerous Cabal is set to move for the heart of the so called dwarf of Kaduna apology to Senator Shehu Sani, for what members of the Cabal termed as his plots prelude to the 2nd term administration of President Buhari to take firm control of the Buhari Administration together with the  Country’s First Lady Aisha Buhari .

Daily wathch investigations confirmed that the Cabal is said to be miffed by the plot just after the success of President Buhari over Abubaker Atiku to move for the position of Chief of Staff to the President using the Wife of the President to want to stage a coup against the Cabal who were fast to rush the President to announced the Continuation of Kyari and Boss as Chief of Staff to the President and SFG respectively thereby checking the very grade plot by El-Rufai to become the new Chief of Staff to President Buhari which had been his dream and eventual  over for the Presidential seat hence his appointment of a Muslim Deputy Governor prior to the 2019 election in the hope of making her the Governor when he moves to Abuja as Chief of Staff and then the Deputy becoming Governor and taking a Christian Deputy before the Cabal pulled a fast one on him.

Now the Cabal is said to be moving for a payback and this gthey are said to be plotting using the PDP Appeal against the Judgment of the Governorship tribunal, the Only obstacle delaying the sealing of the deal is the PDP governorship Candidate in the 2019 Election Ashiru who has so far refused to give his word of decamping to the PDP if the Cabal assist him to get a favorable judgment in the Appeal Court for the Governorship slot.

Daily watch investigations confirmed that El-Rufai is already abreast with the multi dimensional plots by the Cabal against him and has quickly also move in to cool temper by spending several Millions as gift to select traditional Rulers in the North to beg the Cabal team so as to tamper Mercy and allow the past remain exactly where it was, in the Past.

While Daily Watch cannot confirm if the Cabal has consented to dropping their plot following intervention of four top most traditional Rulers from the Northern Part of the NIGERIA who are also Fulani like El-Rufai and Mamman Duara, the leader of the Cabal, it can be confirmed for free that the Kaduna state Governor is still up beat and doing all in his power to plead with Mamman and his gang from disgracing him out of office knowing that they are all pro Buhari and Fulani by Consanguinity.

Already, the Cabal is said to have formally dealt with Aisha Buhari also by totally making her irreverent in the power equation in the Country and the Villa in particular and even chasing her out of the Villa for over two months before her dramatic appearance just this Friday following secret but later dropped plot by the President to Marry another Lady picked by the Cabal for the President to finally cut Aisha to size for daring to not only speak out against the Cabal but aligning with El-Rufai in what the Cabal termed as attempted ‘Palace Coup’ against the Cabal right in the seat of power in association with El-Rufai.

While Daily watch cannot for now predict the stance of Aisha over her predicament and the disgraceful locking of her room which kept her out of Home and room for hours by the Cabal who seats over Nigeria as defector President with President Buhari been a mere ‘robot’ that consents to everything from the Cabal  it can be confirmed that she is fully back in the Villa and bidding her time to expose the antics and stance of the Cabal in her husband’s administration.

Daily Watch attempts to reach out to El-Rufai Media person on the plots against the executive governor of Kaduna State by the Cabal sitting I Abuja was rebuffed as none of them were willing to utter any word when contacted by Daily watch on phone.



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