Dog eats dog: How abducted ex-militant leader, Bonigawei escapes from Kareowei’s camp


Abducted ex-militant leader, General Boni Gawei, said to have escaped from Kareowei’s den before he was killed soldiers

WARRI- Ex-militant leader General Bonigawei from Ogulagha town in Burutu Local Government area in Delta State who was abducted by the late dreaded 27 years old militant kingpin from Toru- Ndoro in Ekeremor LGA of Bayelsa State was at last escaped unhurt and his community, family and friends are rejoicing.

A family source who pleaded not to be mentioned on security reasons confided on Daily Watch Warri, said ‘‘at last General Bonigawei escaped from the den of Karewi before he surrendered himself to the army who was later executed by the Nigerian army. Bonigawei was held hostage by Kareeowei on the same day, he (Kareowei) killed and beheaded a security operative in broad day light at Toru-Ndoro town’’

The family source said ‘Boni’ as he is fondly called returned through the valley of death as according to him, while the killings and gun battles were between the men of Joint Task Force and militants were fighting, the ex-militant leader was chained against a stake and blinded folded.

‘‘ Kareowei did not want to kill Bonigawei, but pressure outside the Karawei’s camp wanted him being killed as there were entreaties and juicy offers on phone conversation to eliminate the ex-Ijaw war lord. But Kareowei who was not interested in killing him ignored their entreaties’’ the source revealed.

He promised to coordinate a media parley between Bonigawei and Daily Watch reporter to have a first-hand information from the real man who has so much to tell the press on his encounter in Kareowei’s camp.

He also thank God and Ijaw deities who protected their brother Boni Gawei from the valley of death.

The abduction of a famous Ijaw ex-militant leader was like a case of dog eats dog as  Boni Gawei was a former senior war lord that has been used to similar gory operations carried out by him in Niger Delta.

Boni Gawei’s road to the lions then was not envisaged and was like one of those American Hollywood movies where deceit, conspiracy, gun battles as well as killings were prominent in the scene,

If Gawei had kniwn, he would not choose such suicidal mission. First, before Gawei’s eyes, the able bodied SSS officer was slaughtered in the afternoon who joined him to Kareowei’s town in Toru-Ndoro community.

According to Bonigawei’s family source, ‘‘ The meeting on how to remove Kareowei from the creek to prevent him from continue to commit further havoc has been concluded under the directive of the Delta State government which Boni Gawei served under the capacity of special assistant to the Delta State governor Senator Ifeanyi Okowa as a security aide.

It was under that capacity Boni Gawei lead a team to Toru- Ndoro negotiate with him to pull him out the creek as an informal pardon.

But the game changed when Kareowei had a phone call to eliminate his visitors and that they were setting him up for arrest by the security in Delta state. The caller described the plain clothes man as a member of SSS and that the deal aws to deceive Kareowei to be arrested, if he does not act fast. That was how the game changed and the creek becomes a slaughter den between Kareowei’s men and Nigerian soldier.

In two or three gun battles, the superior fire power of militants commanded by the 27 years war lord over-powered the Nigerian soldiers with tales of blood of casualties, which the soldiers decided to attack the weak force by venting their anger on Toru-Ndoro by killing and burning down the ancient and peaceful Ijaw community.

Ijaw youths council (IYC) under the leadership of Barr, Roland Oweilaemi had asked the Nigerian army to rebuild the Toru-Ndoro and comoensate the innocent lives killed  or he threatened to sue the Nigerian army  to court for reparation. He also accused the military of extrajudicial murder of Kareowei who he said had voluntarily surrendered himself to the army in Ogbobagbene in Burutu Local Government area under the guise that, if he surrenders, he would be given a soft landing through amnesty. But IYC said ‘‘ The army authorities in the area assassinated him during the night’’ and issued a fake press statement that he died in a gun battle with Kareowei’s men who came to rescue him.