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Dishonorable: ‘Jaguda’ in Edo lawmaking chamber

Hon Roland  Asoro 

*As lawmaker descends to the disgraceful level of a motor park thug.

By Cletus Opukeme & Lucky Ojigbo

When an honorable member of the House of Assembly chooses to behave like seasoned Agbero in the motor park his past most time must be looked into to truly see where he is coming from so as to ascertain his real name before been voted into the lawmaking chamber of the House of Assembly.

This seemed to be the case of a lawmaker in the Edo state house of Assembly Representing Orhionmwon  South Constituency in Edo state Hon Roland  Asoro  who days ago together with his shameless wife opt to dance naked and expose their dirty and shameless ways by beating a traffic Warden attached to the Edo State Traffic.

Osartin Osazuwa was assaulted and brutalized while performing his legitimate duty

The  Officer  Osaritin Osazuwa who should have in better clime be seen as a hero for arresting the Wife of the Law maker or (is it Lawbreaker) who has been a consistent traffic offender got the neatening of his life in the hands of the ‘Agbero’ Lawmaker for daring to arrest his wife for breaking the Laws of Edo state.

Daily Watch findings confirmed that the Wife of the Edo State House of Assembly member has the penchant for flouting traffic Laws with the Traffic Officers most time having it hot with her and always getting the brunt of her insults when arrested until she met her match in one Osaritin who opt to perform his duty not caring to differentiate between the big or small in Edo state.

The Traffic Officer who in better Clime would have received the biggest accolades got rather beaten up by the ‘Jaguda’ lawmaker who on getting to hear of his Wife arrest for breaking of Traffic moved to the Edo State Traffic office and with his wife unleashed terror in the face and body of the very discipline officer to the extent of giving him bodily harm before driving away with his wife and impounded Vehicle without paying the necessary fine even in the Presence of the Director of the Traffic Agency creating the impression that the Traffic laws are mean for the poor.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the Lawmaker who represents Orhionmwon South in the Edo State House of Assembly is not a fit man for the State house of Assembly as according to those who know him well he has been this violent and abrasive in all his actions and deeds as such not fit for the esteemed position of a Lawmaker.

Daily Watch Sources Confirmed that already several human rights group have lined up to take the case of assault against the Traffic officer by the honorable or I it dishonorable member of the Edo state House of assembly and his  shameless wife to the Court of Law to face prosecution for battery and assault on the Officer.

Daily Watch reached out to the ( Dis) Honorable member of the Edo State House of assembly over his dishonorable conduct against an officer of the Law but rather than show remorse threatened to repeat same again and again and even threatened this reporter with dare consequences if he let out this report thereby confirming the state of mind of this member of the Edo State House of Assembly.







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