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Disgraceful: Kogi governor Bello blows billions of Paris refund on masquerades

Yahaya Bello

*Pays mere 40% of Salary from 12 billion received from Paris refund




LOKOJA- Governance has become more of a charade, games and total
absurdity if what is playing out in Kogi state is how governance in a
modern society can be described.

Daily Watch team in Lokoja the state capital were shocked that the
Kogi state Governor  in spite of several promises to  clear the total
arrears of civil servant Salary  before December ending was only able
to pay 40 percent of the arrears owed the workers despite receiving
well over 12 billion naira of Paris refund that accrue to Kogi state.

The Governor who has turned the state Civil servants to beggars and
thieves in some cases is said to be unconcerned on the many deaths the
state has witnessed  over the unpaid salaries as the governor was
shockingly seem among masquerades in his home town Okene during the
December  Ekwechi  (masquerades)Festival in which the governor was
said to have doled out several goodies to the diverse masquerades that
were on hand during the Festival.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the governor who had totally
refused to carry out the President directive for total clearance of
all salary areas was said to have rather than pay the said salary
arrears given several billions to the Masquerades  with about six
Toyota  Vensa cars to the bargain in the same state where over twenty
civil servants are said to have lost their lives via suicide and death
from high blood pressure over inability to meet their commitment to
their families.

Daily Watch investigations in the state is one of suffering,
tears and total disillusions on the part of the state work force and
pensioners who had hoped fervently before December that the State
Governor Yahaya Bello would stick to his numerous promises to clear
all salary areas and pensions in the state unfailing by December only
to lavish several billions as gifts to Masquerades while human dies
from unpaid Salary.

Speaking to the former   Mohammadu Buhari Campaign coordinator and  Ex
Deputy Governorship candidate  to the  Late Audu  Abubakar ,Chief
James Abiodun Falake he totally confirmed the suffering of civil
servants in the state and was also unsparing of the state governor
fover his wickedness in giving to masquerades rather than Civil
servants who are battling to feed their families as a result of
several months of unpaid salaries and pension, In the words of Falake

‘’Its  indeed disheartening  and absurd that the same governor who has
not paid workers salary for several months after promising to  clear
the arrears  and pension before December without fulfilling it could
go ahead to spend billions buying cars for Masquerades  and cash gifts
despite picking over 12 billion naira from Paris refund and paying
only 40 percent salaries owed the state  Civil servants’.

Daily Watch attempts to get the views of the Governor media team on
the latest development was rebuffed by the Governor media team who
claimed to see nothing bad in the Governor’s gift to  Masquerades in
his own town Okene.


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