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Disgraceful: Cabal again forces reinstatement of another thief, Prof Yusuf Usman



*Over rule minister and reports of Ministerial panel/inquiry that indicts him

*Forced EFCC to drop all files, investigations

ABUJA-The much touted Anti-corruption fight of the Federal Government received further bashing from the hands of the Presidency itself days ago as a an indicted thief got freed from all his thievery by the Presidency as predicted by the thief himself.

Daily Watch investigations in Abuja confirmed that the Return of the Suspended NHIS boss to

his position by the Presidency despite overwhelming evidences against him is simply confirmation of the NHIS boss claim before now that the Minister has no moral right to suspend him as only the President can  do that and his recall has confirmed the NHIS boss refusal then to take directive from the supervising minister  as the NHIS boss has been vindicated  that he is much  more powerful than his supervising Minister ,the Minister for health  Professor Adewale and the constitution of Nigeria by his recall to his position without due process been followed.

It would be recalled that the race to Professor Yusuf  sack and recall started about July (2017)Last year when the President was indisposed and in far away overseas for treatment and the NHIS top boss Professor Usman Yusufu had his hand soiled in a 99 million Naira loot which forced the minister for health to set up as  constitutionally mandated in cases like that  a ministerial panel of inquiry which found the NHIS boss guilty of fraud and insubordination to the minister having been asked to proceed on suspension by the minister and his total refusal on the ground then that the minster cannot and don’t have the powers to suspend him for whatever reason as only the president can.

According to Yusuf then ‘’The Minister has no moral or constitutional powers to suspend me as I was appointed directly by the President Mohammadu Buhari and only the President can order my removal or whatever no matter the enormity of whatever they accuse me of’’ and through to his words despite the glaring act of lootings the President who claimed to be an anti corruption czar has reinstated the same indicted thief and stopped his Prosecution.

Recall that before The NHIS boss  reinstatement  case was  handed to the EFCC which immediately commenced investigations and got enough evidences according to our sources in the EFCC far above  the 99 million naira loot and was almost set for Prosecution when the Presidency  via the cabal controlled  and headed by Mamman Duara  in a shocking twist and against all known constitutional processes reinstated Professor Yusuf Usman to his Exalted Position and the EFCC secretly cautioned by the Chief of Staff to the President to drop all probe and Prosecution of the indicted thief thereby totally not only over ruling the Minister of Health but  allowing and indicted thief back to his position to continue his act of looting.

All attempts to speak with the president team of media on which constitutional precedence necessitated the recall of an indicted thief back to his position and the over ruling of his supervising Minister disgracefully  was not possible as all message to the effect was left unanswered.






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