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Did you see the funny list of looters by Saint Lai Mohammed?


Lai Mohammed

*Where then do we place NNPC DG Maikantai Baru, Kyari Abba, Rotimi Amaechi, Saint Babachir Lawal ex SG, Mamman Duara (Buhari’s cousin and leader of the Cabal), and present Dss Dg, NIA present and past DGs etc?


‘’When a government in power list  out names of its so called looters yet has not been able to get a single conviction with all the many consistent newspaper claims and stories of evidences  after three years then something is either wrong or there are just liars. Truly this APC government seem to have beaten I go Dye in  the Comedy trade if the list of looters is without great men like Rotimi Amaechi, Timipreye Sylver, Orji Kalu, Babachir Lawal, NNPC DG, minister for communication Shittu, NJC Registrar Seleh Garba, Pension thief Maina  and the endless list of thieves that makes Buhari’s Government stinks to high heavens’’.

It is with this  food for thought  that Ever ready and vocal Militant Maxwell Udo leader of the New Bakkasi Strick Force (NBSF) commences his interview on the Buhari’s government list f looters and achievements in the last three years.

According to the vocal militant General Udoh, a government that lies in almost every issue, that cannot point out a single kilometer of road constructed, a line of cable laid, a single pillars built in any airport, that has defeated Boko Haram Countless times yet going into negotiation and amnesty talks with the same defeated sect must truly be confused and totally worthy of the plaque dished to their leader Mohammed Buhari by Junaid Mohammed for corruption.

Ïn the words of Udoh ‘’At times am shocked at the shamelessness of many of these APC leaders who cannot themselves point to one road constructed by this administration, one university built, on pillar erected ,one PHCN cable that has been laid yet they shout every passing day about the greatness of Buhari, condemn a Jonathan that Built 12 new Universities, renovated and upgraded over six airports, built over 121 Alamajari schools, bought almost all the arms they are using now to fight Boko Haram, built over seven Special Schools, transform fertilizer distribution via the Wallet system that cage fertilizer racketeers and so many achievements. It’s just funny Nigerians don’t ask them to name specific projects they have built or executed all they keep mouthing if Defeat of Boko Haram in the North East and corruption both of which when looked properly are also dirty lies because corruption index is higher now than even before and the herdsmen killings has made Boko Harams look like a child’s play so where lies the so called Buhari’s success story they bandy about to see him through to 2019 if Nigerians are sane”

‘’Even in the corruption story there exist much more corruption in this administration than ever in the history of all Nigerian Government, an administration where thieves are posted to man sensitive positions to aid more looting. An administration where barefaced looting is covered by the President himself? an Administration where the President don’t even make appointments but a cabal led by his abundantly wealthy cousin who se stock in trade his appointing Fulanis to places were monies are so they would help in loot like the NIA new DG, the NSIT recalled DG,NNPC Dg etc. When people loot in other administration it is with secrecy but in this one we see bare faced looting and Presidential cover ups yet APC leaders speak of fighting corruption and having this government achievement as dealing huge blow on corruption, is it not extremely laughable”.

Maxwell Udoh (general) Likened Buhari and most APC leaders as people who are totally shameless and a disgrace to their families, people who seem to be controlled by forces  far far  from them that they don’t seem to be living in this same Nigerian we all are living for according to him if they the APC leaders are they would know that Buhari’s administration is wholesomely corrupt, inept, confused, rotten and bereft of any light.

“Recently I heard someone in this same administration telling Nigerians that Rice revolution alone in this administration would put Buhari through come 2019 and I asked what revolution in rice? the one that pushes rice to over 20,000 naira from the 10,000 it was during the last administration or the revolution that has made rice the food now for the rich as against what it has been before? These APC leaders at times talk like uneducated men because if they are then they would take time to think before uttering some words’’


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