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Did Senator Danjuma part with a whooping N4billion loot with cabal to close case?

Danjuma Goje

By Ahmed Ahmadu, Abuja

This is the multi billion naira questions several Nigerians are now asking as secrecy involved in the final dropping of Criminal charges against Senator Goje comes to light.

Daily Watch Sources in the office of the Chief of staff to the President confirmed that Senator Goje escape from prosecution and eventual dropping of his case as ordered by President Mohammadu Buhari  for dutifully obeying his orders for him not to contest the Senate Presidency seat  did not end there as some money was actually collected from Goje by the Cabal whose stock in trade now has become collection of monies from suspects under investigations or those with Petitions to kill of the case making the EFCC almost not having any case to pursue, investigate except for Yahoo yahoo boys which has now become the major wok of the EFCC as all major corruption petitions and cases are now handled by the office of the Chief of staff to the President.

Daily Watch Sources confirmed that while the President ordered for the immediate cessation of all activities of the Goje’s case through the takeover of the case by the Ministry of justice, the cabal went behind and negotiated a princely four Billion Naira payment to them for the final cessation of the case which was paid and the case eventually killed with everything, monies and man power spent in investigating the Goje’s loot wasted and the Cabal richer for it.

Daily watch findings confirmed that the anti corruption War of President Buhari has finally hit a brick wall and buried as it is presently since it has turned from prosecution of thieves and looters to collection of between ten percent to frothy percent of loots depending on the negotiating ability of the looter from looters into the private pockets of the Cabal using the office of the Chief of staff to the President headed by Kyari Abba.

Daily Watch visit to the EFCC showed an organization that has become bereft of any work other than chasing of Yahoo Yahoo and any perceived opponents of the Present administration to paste a picture f the EFCC working but in reality all investigators are said to be serious angry over the state of affairs in the commission with the head Ibrahim Magu merely taking orders from the Chief of staff to the President over every issue relating to investigations and prosecution and which to investigate or prosecute hence the present silent as regards corruption investigations or prosecution of any major or high profile prsons other than Yahoo Boys.

Daily Watch tried reaching out to Tony Orilade the Spokes person of the EFCC why the EFCC that was once vigorously in the media awaiting the end of tenure of several Ex governors for prosecution has now gone silent and only show casing arrest of just Yahoo boys but got no response in spite of over three text messages.





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