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Destruction of evidences inside Aso Villa: Buhari trusted aide fingered with allegiance to cabal

Muhammadu Buhari


*As evidences mounts against Magu, rattled Mamman Cabal led Crew in frantic moves to destroy evidences.

By Lucky Ojigbo, Managing Editor, Abuja

In what seemed like a desperation to salvage the downturn of the suspended EFCC boss Ibrahim Magu and to curb the plot by Magu to go into full scale expose on the rot that the anti corruption fight became under the control of Late Abba Kyari ,Magu and some select groups in the Presidency some vital documents and evidences were days ago destroyed right inside the Presidential Villa in the office of the Nigeria Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU.

This plot to scuttled the Probe and expose of the huge financial Abracadabra that the Mamman led Cabal and Magu have perpetuated in almost all facets of the Buhari administration was massive kept in the office of the Nigeria Financial intelligence Unit which was a body to oversee corruption and before now under the EFCC before been separated and moved to the Presidential Villa here in Abuja.

Daily Watch investigations Confirmed that the destruction of highly sensitive and several incriminating dossiers of Corruption and massive re-looting, bribes collection and outright blackmail that characterize the administration of the Magu  led EFCC this past Thursday was simply a dastard act  of cover up by persons close to the Office of the President to not just save Ibrahim Magu but also starve of the  imminent exposure of them and their dastard and sordid activities financially .

Daily watch Sources Confirmed that immediately officers of the NFIU located in the villa confessed to the Salami led Panel that they have solid and documented  facts of grandiose financial aberrations and recklessness in their office in the Villa, the next morning which is Friday, the laptops and other equipment in the office was hurriedly vandalized that Thursday night to stall the Presentation of the materials in the confine of the NFIU which would have created massive shock waves in Nigeria and the World.

While Daily Watch investigation confirmed that a key member of the Mamman led Cabal who had some massive altercation with the wife of the President recently and who is also an extremely close personal aide and relation  to president Mohammadu Buhari was   pin pointed as the main character in the massive destruction inside the Villa with his access to almost all parts of the villa and with the sole aim of not just saving the head of Magu but his and other members f the Cabal whom Magu has threatened with massive exposure if he is not helped out in his travail with the Presidential investigative Panel and  President .

It would be recalled that prior to the suspension of Magu when rumors were rift that the EFCC acting Chairman would be relieved of his position and  to be arrested and placed on trial Ibrahim Magu started working on covering of his tracks and even met with remnants of the Mamman led Cabal to help reach out to the President on his behalf as he vowed not to sink alone but go out fully with every acts of corruption, bribes taking and re-looting involving every member of the Cabal and it was in an attempt to help Magu that eventually necessitate the destruction of the NFIU data office in the Villa as way to safeguard  not just the interest of Magu but that of several top associates and relations of the President who have become members of what is popularly known as the Presidential Cabal .

Daily Watch ears in the Villa confirmed tat while the President is seriously aware of the sources of the act of sabotage even inside the parameter of the Villa as none from outside can easily stroll into the seat o power to perpetuate the job but cannot act as he is not the same man Nigerians used to know as health intricacies has massively turned the President into a massive  opposite of his old self as suspected amnesia and diverse health challenges has effectively tamed and turned him into more of a wreck and weakling.

Daily watch attempts to speak to the President several  Media aides on why the destruction of the Computers  housing massive financial malfeasances in the office o the NFIU office inside the Villa can be so easily torched by the so called vandals without any noise from the Presidency or Security but was met with very stiff antagonism.





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