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Despite the ragging controversy: Pereama reveals he would be crowned Ijaw music king March 25th

Chief Prereama Freedown

By Cletus Opukeme, Editor

Ijaw music maestro, Chief Prereama Freedown has confirmed he would be crowned king of Ijaw music comes 25th March in Yenagao, Capital of Bayelsa state.

He said organisers of the event are making every arrangement possible to crown him as king of the Ijaw music industry and that he did not need the approval of those he described enemies of progress to be king in Ijaw music industry.


Chief Pereama Freetown revealed to our reporter despite the controversy rocking the ljaw music industry that nothing would stop his coronation as king of ljaw Owigiri highlife music industry.

Meanwhile, Ijaw intellectuals and other leaders as well as Ijaw music lovers have advised against the idea of coronating Pereama or any other IIjaw musician as king now as the heated controversy would pull or tear Ijaw Music industry in pieces.

Others are of the view that late King Robert Ebizimor remains the king of Ijaw music industry as no Ijaw musician could wear the  sage shoes of late musical king/philosopher.

Other musicians, including Barrister Smooth, Chief Allen Alabeni and Izon-ebi Fred aka Jking held divergent views in respect of the rumoured coronaton.

But Pereama who is otherwise also called The Great Grandmaster insisted that he would be crowned a king and  described those who are opposed to his coronation as enemies  of progress to keep calm and wait for the D-day.

Chief. Pereama while responding to questions from our reporter  at Gbekebo Community in Burutu LGA, said he did not need the signatures or  approval from those he tagged  ‘hypocrites’ to be crowned as ljaw Owigiri music King.

According to him, ” Yes, very soon l will be crowned as king of ljaw Owigiri highlife music. The date remains 25th March, 2020 at Hon. Peremobowei Ebebi Hotel in Yenagoa.

” I can’t tell you now who are behind the most anticipated day. But l am inviting all my friends, fans and well wishers including you to come and witness that August occasion. I am not the talking type. I do what l believe in doing. Please don’t snap me photo yet, just wait and come on 25th March when l am crowned, then you can take as many photos and publish to the whole world to see, Pereama stated. ” He stated.

However, it will interest the public to note that, the recent outburst of the story of crowning Chief. Pereama Freetown as king of ljaw Owigiri highlife music has caused a lot of controversy rocking the ljaw music entertainment industry with diverse views. Some source said it is all ljaw performing musicians that want to crown him. While some quarters has it that it’s Pereama Fans club worldwide that want to honour him with the king title.


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