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Davido beats Lil Wayne, Travis Scott and Perdison Fontaine to emerge Shazam to Winner


Nigeria musical guru Davido seemed  to be creating waves upon waves as his musical career gets on a upward swing after a low down for some time before is release of ‘IF’ which has seen him climbed again to the peak of musical prominence nt only Nationally but internationally.

Davido who is today rated amongst the greatest acts in the Music scene in Africa has again notched up another great feat in his very great musical journey as he recently beat several world acclaimed musical star to emerged the Shazam candidate for the month.

Shazam is a popular APP used by millions of Music lovers all over the world every month to access and know the most played music over a period of time usually a month.

Davido emergence  with his hit track ‘IF’ beat  several world notable acts like Lil Wayne’s hit ‘Uproar’, Travis Scott’s monster hit ‘Sicko Mome’ and ‘Backing it up ‘ by Pardison Fontaine to emerged number one on the New York popular music APP called Shazam viewed my several millions all over the wide world.

This unique and extraordinary feat of Davido is coming not long after he won the Best Act Trophy at the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award.




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