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DAPACHI Girls: Who is Sergent Bako David?



      *He is not in the Nigerian Military and no name of such in our list-Texas Chukwu

      *It is a lie, he is in the Military but used a Pseudo name for security reasons—Military Sources


              *As Govt, also denies paying ransom of  6million dollars


 Sgt Bako

LAGOS-  The name sergeant Bako means many things to several people, to face book users he is that one army officer that was able to speak out when many dare not to. To the Nigerian Army he is not a part of the Military but a mere fictitious name to dent the army’s reputations. To sergeant Bako himself, he is the voice in the wilderness.

For those who have not heard of the name, David Bako became a name in the Nigerian Political Dictionary few days ago when he came out with the story that the Kidnapped and release Dapchi School Girls  was simply a stage managed affair by the Presidency and  some few Military Officers in the top echelon on the Military who  in conspiracy with Presidency officers staged it all and spent over 80 million naira in the fake Kidnap and release to hoodwink and make the Nigerian  government seem powerful in their negotiation and release of the School girls and gave his story a bite with the ease with which the Boko Harem Sect got into the Depchi town and the weak resistance by the few military Boss in the bridge towards Dapachi which was overrun by the sect with several of the Soldiers at that check point having been recalled to make it easier for the Operation.

Though the Nigerian Army through its Director of Public Relation Texas Chukwu has come out to dispel the Story with the claim that no officers or man of the Nigerian Military goes by that name Daily Watch investigations confirmed that the so Called David Bako is in the Nigerian Military and among the officers who were sent to training in some Foreign Country prior to the Attack on IPOB in which most f the troops used where the trained men.

Daily Watch investigations also confirmed that while the said Bako is not the real name of the Soldier that gave the revelations as he only used a Pseudo name to avoid arrest and discipline in the Military over the Revelations.

Daily Watch Sources in the Military Confirmed that the Soldier that divulge the story is truly of the Nigerian Army and known to a few who are also said to be aware of some strange occurrences in the Nigerian army and the Herdsmen fight which if revealed would shake the country to the foundation and totally destroy the Nigerian Military far above what the revelation of Theophilus Danjuma has caused.

Also note and utmost secrecy is the spending f a whooping 6 million Dollars from the Federation account as ransom for the girls which also the Nigerian Government has Denied Severally but which some foreign sources  claimed was collected as ransom for the girls release.

Attempts by Daily Watch to be linked Specifically to the Said Sergeant Bako so as to authenticate his person from our Military Sources was not feasible but what we were able to get was the fact that the Nigerian Military is not What it used to be as it has become highly not only politicized but greatly ‘nepotic’and not neutral in most of its Duties in the Country.


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