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Crocodile Tears 11; Feverish Tension In the Creeks as Militants regroup


WARRI- Less than two days after the  first Military Contingents  landed in
Niger Delta  to fulfil its plan to go ahead with the much hyped
Operation Crocodile tears 11 after postponing it in fear of militants
threats to make a failure of it, the creeks presently is witnessing
shocking positioning and repositioning of several militants  groups
who have vowed to kill as many soldiers as possible if the so called
Crocodile tears is to go ahead.

Daily Watch investigations confirmed a silence of the grave yard like
scenario in the creeks in almost all the Militants camps  in the
Niger Delta creeks but with the Militants firm in their resolved to
make life hellish for the Crocodile tears team if and when they dare
trespass their boundary.


Speaking to Daily Watch  just a few hours ago one of the Militant
leaders in the Niger Delta  General Playboy who heads the popular
Niger Delta People Democratic Front (NDPDF)  said that the heavy
presence of the Military in the Niger Delta is an anathema and
uncalled for  since there is no problem in the Niger Delta that
warrant their deployment  except the Military intends creating one so
as to kill innocent People in the Niger Delta as was done in the South
East and if that is their game plan then they have us to contend with.

According to  General  Play boy “’We are asking the military to
quickly leave our region and go after  armed herdsmen that  have
killed thousands of innocent Farmers  and looted over twenty-two
Villages and are  still on the looting and killing spree or we would
be forced to go after them the Military. We have no problem in the
creeks as such we do not need the deployment of troops here in the
Niger   Delta”.

Speaking in the Same vein, another Militant Leader,  the Powerful and
intellectually gifted  leader of the New Bakassi Strike Force (NBSF)
General Maxwell Udoh also advice the military not to venture in to the
creeks as it is peaceful but if they the military think blood bath  as
done in the South East is the prerogative of the Military alone then
they have a long deadly battle to contend with in the Creeks.

According to General Udoh, ‘’The Military like have repeatedly said
has nothing to do in the Niger Delta creeks other than looking for
trouble and  planning to create crisis where non exist but if they the
Military foolishly think they can carry out the South East devilish
dance steps in name of Crocodile Tears 11 in the Niger Delta then
certainly  the  Military have us to contend with as  the tears would
flow from the eyes of the military as we are set to meet them teeth
for tat in the battle of Armageddon (not tears as they think)  since
all oil field, operations and whatever would be paralyzed’’,

It would be recalled that the Nigerian Army did yesterday announced
that its troops had landed in the Niger Delta  oil rich Region to
Commence what it termed the Crocodile tears  11 exercise.


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