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COVID-19: Publisher challenges T.B Joshua, Adeboye, other  pastors to go to patient centers and heal

Enoch Adeboye, Cletus Opukeme and T.B Joshua

By Esther Eugene, Warri

A United kingdom trained journalist and publisher of Daily Watch, Mr. Cletus Opukeme, a vibrant digital newspaper based in Abuja has challenged Nigerian self-acclaimed faith healers, Prophet T.B Joshua,  Pastor Enoch Adeboye and other pastors to show up in the country at a time they are needed most by visiting quarantine Covid-19 patients to heal the sick.

Opukeme, a fall-out Christian due to the evil activities of Nigerian Christianity disclosed in a press statement, said ” I am calling on Nigerian big self-acclaimed faith healing pastors and Prophets, Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, Enock Adeboye and others  to rise up to meet the health challenges of COVID-19 patients.  They should not run away when their spiritual healing powers are mostly needed in the country.

” I have been telling you time without number that some of these self-acclaimed men of God are conmen who used the poverty nature of the country to swindle unsuspecting victims, because they needed money to survive. When you look at Nigerian Christianity, only the pastors are buying private jets, built private Universities with funds of their churches and poor parents children/wards cannot attend their church Universities due to the sky-rocted tuition fees.” He groaned.

Opukeme who said he is not against genuine men of God who are winning souls for God. But declared he would continue to expose false religion and their perpetrators who used God’s name to hoodwind the poor in the society as conmen under the cloak of the Bible with Christianity.

” God is God and no man can take the place of God, deceiving their followers that God has spoken to me to tell you this and tell you that. They went as playing with God’s name like Nollywood actors  and using some occultic powers to cajole and hypnotize their members all in the name of miracle, signs and wonders”

The British trained journalist admonished authorities to keep a close eyes on activities of religious leaders, noting that they  declined from their sacred duty of creating and impacting morality in the society, rather join and compete with material possessions like the worldly people.

He said, in Nigeria there is no difference between the church, mosque and the society as most of the deadly crimes came out from the churches and mosques, especially their religious leaders.

He also advised Christians and Moslems to look into Jesus and Mohammed of their good deeds while on earth, instead of being misled by religious greedy leaders for their selfish reasons.

He urged Nigerians to obey government order of self-isolation and hopeful that the pandemic will go naturally, if safety measures are sacredly obeyed on social distancing or isolation. .

He thanked federal government, so far of the measures taken and appeal to them to protect the citizens of the country without politicizing the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.





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