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Count me out, Muturu tells planned  Abuja amnesty office protesters

Amb. Kingsley Muturu



* Tasks security to unve impersonators


By Cletus Opukeme, Warri

Delta state Assembly 2023 aspirant chairman, phase 2 of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, Chief Kingsley Muturu, has dissociated himself from a report published on various online media, alleging a move to besiege the PAP office in Abuja over lopsided patronage and discrimination against leaders of ex-agitators in Delta State by the PAP office.

In a press statement, issued and signed by Muturu, who is a peace ambassador, yesterday, he said he did not have any problems whatsoever with either the amnesty office or the Interim Administrator, Col. Milland Dikio (rtd) that warranted the allegedly planned “mother of all protests”.

He said “Our coming to Abuja is in the interest of the group, not on personal issues. The impersonators made it look like I’m having problems with the amnesty office, which is untrue.

“For the records, my happiness and utmost benefit from the programme is majorly the number of people I’ve impacted their lives positively through it, the people I’m sending to various schools through it and I don’t have anything personal that I’m pursuing in the office.

“My records are clean in the office, though many other beneficiaries have one issue or the other with the office. So nobody should tarnish my reputation, nobody should use my name to further his own interest because I’m a peace ambassador and cannot be seen fomenting trouble.

“The faceless group masquerading as Amnesty Phase 2 beneficiaries, Delta State chapter, used my name to issue and publish the press statement where it threatened the peace of Abuja, threatening to lock down Abuja.

“I have also decided to adhere to the advice given by Dr Bestman Probel, head of department on Peace Building in the amnesty office, during a meeting with Phase 2 leaders, yesterday in Abuja, who urged us to channel challenges of such nature to the department.

“I have no hands in such threats, those who issued the press statement did so mischievously with the aim of tarnishing my image and I urged the security to do their job to unveil the impersonators” He said.


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